Dishing Some Dirt(y)

So there we have it.

The official release date for Dirty Heart, the final book in the Cole McGinnis series.

A little over two months and I will be closing the door to the first “house” I’ve built.  The book is pretty much done, going through the final stages of the production process. The cover and blurb are set. ARCs haven’t gone out yet but I’ll be doing that closer to the release date, along with a firm caveat not to post spoilers.

I’m assuming you all don’t want spoilers.

When I started this series, I knew I’d eventually reach this point. Did take a bit of a side trip with Down and Dirty because well, it seemed like you all wanted Bobby and Ichi’s relationship written down but here we go… the end.

Is it bittersweet? In a lot of ways, yes. But in one HUGE way, no. See, there won’t be that secret any more. That underlying question. I knew I was going to be answering the why did Ben shoot them and now, a few years later… it’s time to let that secret go.

And time for Cole… and Jae… to move on with their lives. Just…off the page.

For a while. But you never know when a leather-wearing granny dom is going to need some help.

27 thoughts on “Dishing Some Dirt(y)

  1. Will be waiting. Started the re-read.

    Also, even though this country has had same sex marriage over 10yrs it still doesn’t have a decent m/m library booklist. Overdrive and ILL are Prov wide. You can now request books on Overdrive so there are a few more (maybe 15, no more than 20), and Murder and Mayhem is one. On Mon I requested Dirty Kiss, last night I got the notice they were purchasing it. By the time I put it on hold (I own the “e”, audio and print versions but I did ask them to buy it), someone else had already requested it.

    Hopefully, over time, they will purchase a lot more.

  2. lindsayb

    Nooooo! I love this series. Aside from Kindle Alexander it was my first intro to the m/m genre. I can’t wait 🙂 but it makes me sad at the same time.

  3. Kendra Patterson

    Really looking forward to reading this. Hopefully you will decide to occasionally do a novella to keep us updated on Cole and Jae. Absolutely love the Cole McGinnis and Sinners series. Have read each at least 4 times already. 😃

  4. B. Snow

    See, that’s what hooked me from the very start — Cole sprinting away from the gun-toting granny. Laughing my ass off in a coffee shop in Bavaria.

  5. Cappa

    Yes! Yesyesyesyes! I’ve been dying to fins this out. I’m so excited it’s finally here! Time to relisten to all the audio books so I’m ready.

    Thank you so much for these characters and their journey. I’ve enjoyed spending time with them so much; they kind of feel like friends. I find myself thinking, “I haven’t heard from Cole and Jae in a while.” So I turn on the audio books to revisit them. They’re truly special, and I’m so glad you took the time to bring them to life.

  6. edga

    Just got back from break and back to internet access – praise be – great news. Can’t wait 😁

  7. Sue

    that means I have to re-listen to my audiobooks in March. This is so not a hardship since I have listened to them several times. 🙂 Will Audiobook be released same time as ebook?

    1. Audiobooks are ALWAYS released afterwards because the indie presses have different timelines than mainstream. The book has to be out and final or close to it before they can get recorded 😀

  8. edga

    Forgotten about audio version. Yesssss – more Greg Tremblay – can’t wait for this either 😁

  9. Sue Kesby

    I read a lot in this genre, but I don’t reread all that many; and the number I read over and over again is even fewer. Your books, though – definitely in that category. And Cole and Jae and their friends are very special. Thanks for the books, thanks for finally explaining the last mystery and thanks, above all, for promising to write more stories featuring them both.

    1. Heh. Thank you. Cole and Jae are very special kittehs… ’cause they’re my first series. And yes, they’ll have one-offs, I promise 😀

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