Swampy Crocs

I’ve turned my brain to goo. That’s the problem with power writing through a week and a half. Your brain…goo.

There’s also a point where you don’t even really know what you’re writing any more. Sure you can go back and read it and it makes sense but as you’re in the middle of it? Not a fucking clue.

I’ve reached that point in the swamp. When you know there’s a shit ton of soggy land behind me and even more ahead… but soon! SOON THERE WILL BE DRY LAND!

And nope, that’s a crocodile.

Because words have teeth.

I normally have a loose idea… or a detailed chapter list of the scenes… to go buy. But every once in a while, something happens and the brain twists, turning the story around. I had a moment of that yesterday and after writing this thread down to its end, I sat back and went…huh. Well, fuck… works but… fuck.

Writing’s kinda like that. Could be crocodile. Planned for one. Turns out to be log. Then surprise crocodile a few feet later.

But the end of the swamp IS near. Or at least within my grasp. Soon, my pretties, soon.

OH and Kai 2 has a title. *grins*


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