So I hurt my back something fierce. Like cursing, crying and begging pain when I moved kind of hurt. This was a few weeks ago but it lingers. Dunno if I popped something or something tore or something did something but it’s slowly healing. I have hours of no pain now or some pulling and then terrible aches.

And writing has been… difficult.

But today I am off to work where there is a potluck. I made kalua pig… which is kind of like a pulled pork. I also brought BBQ sauce so I just might make it BBQ pork when I heat it up.

See how exciting my days are?

Finishing up Absinthe of Malice. Have to go over it with a fine toothed comb and look over the songs I’m including. I apparently can’t get rid of the standard blues rhythm. Go figure.

Whatcha all got planned for this week?

25 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Owies! Your poor dear back. *sympathies*. Well, this week is comprised of: trying to clear the 3 inches deep ice from the driveway and road. Making wheat pasta with garlic, spinach, and alfredo sauce; side of Caprese salad. Working on a comic book. Digging out the Xmas tree. Trying to sell my stamp collection. Update the electronics’ software. Make diabetic friendly monster cinnamon rolls. Play with the cat. Gotta do laundry somewhere in there. Otherwise, not much.

  2. Patricia

    Divying up the days of feasting so both in-law sets can share the grandchildren without haste. My little ones include a set of young twins, new to walking, and it’s lots of fun chasing them around the house! Christmas church gets included though it’s not a family thing in my family, so I go with a girlfriend. Everyone does the celebration their own way and we blend. We’re planning to eat a spiral cut ham this time, it’s delicious.

  3. Patricia

    Actually, Rhys, sorry I forgot to say I’m pullin’ for you in your back pain. It’s normal in my house for all of us to be groaning in pain caused by one thing or another. It’s a familiar background noise. I can only suggest resting that back and pampering yourself as much as you can.

  4. Carolyn

    Oh no, it’s terrible that you got hurt in the first place but awful that you’re still having pain. Giving you the gentlest long distance hugs and wishing for no more pain quicker than quick. I hope you can enjoy your potluck! *hugs*

    No big plans until Christmas day with family and the next with friends. I’m sure something fun (besides books) will pop up. By the way, in one window I have two cute alpacas facing each other with one in a santa hat. Thanks to you there’s some extra cuteness in my holiday fun. 😀

  5. Rachael

    If you haven’t tried it already I would highly recommend visiting a chiropractor. Poor lady. I hate back pain and I know how you feel. Ice, heat and Advil.
    My plans are to be super mellow as I hate big frantic holidays, and to see Point Break. Loved it the first time with Keanu and Patrick, looking forward to the remake.
    My best wishes to you and yours.

  6. Dee Ash

    Keep your back warm and straight, no slouching if you can. Enjoy the pot luck. I’ve been baking all weekend – Christmas cake number 5 is in the oven on the third hour, cakes 1 & 3 are marzipanned, 2 & 4 are nut decorated so just need glazing and I have a ton of peanut brittle. Rum truffles and royal icing tomorrow. Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!

  7. Amy Darling

    Back pain is the worst!

    I had a pot luck at work today too. I baked a cheesy potato with ham thingy. It turned out pretty darn good, specially since I never cook. hope you get some relief from your back. Hugs

  8. Kendra Patterson

    Sorry you’re hurt. Hope you get better soon. If you haven’t had a Dr check it out already, you probably should. I’m a nurse and I’ve seen what happens when people ignore an injury for too long. Good luck and speedy recovery. Happy Holidays. 😃

  9. isisrising4sandra

    I would be a total cripple without my every-two-weeks adjustment by my Chiropractor. There are some really good ones out there and it’s worth the hunt to find one. I pay $60 for two visits a month – so worth it!

    Here’s hoping you feel better soon.

    BTW – Am deep in “Fish Stick Friday” and totally enjoying it. I’ll be finished with it by tomorrow sometime. Love it (of course – it’s one of your books, so I MUST love it, it’s a given).

    – Erulisse (one L)

    1. @ isisrising4sandra I know what you mean, Sandra. The chiropractor I frequent has done absolute miracles for my back. (L5 herniated disk.) ADIO Chiropractic (*not a plug for them*). Subluxation can be horrible. Suggest a nice chiro visit and chai tea. The tea because, well, it’s Chai. (nom nom nom). Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Stephanie S.

    Totally sympathize about the back pain–I recently did 3 weeks of PT for back pain. Better now. As for the week. . .laundry, work, maybe Star Wars, and sleep. Ahhhhh. . .sleep!

  11. Cherry

    I totally understand a hurt back sapping your energy. I have a chronic back problem. Can go along fine till I move wrong. OWWW! LOVED Fish Stick Friday! (big surprise. I love all your books. Lol) I think it’s time to read the Sinners again. Course, if I do them, I’ll have to read the Dirty books, then the Ghost books, then…….. Yeah. Once I start, I can’t stop. Hi, my name is Cherry and I am addicted to Rhys Ford books…..

    1. Oh thank you! *grins* I think Fish Stick Fridays is a love or hate book. It’s been 50-50 so far according to Goodreads *grins* I am so glad you loved it. Thank you.


  12. Cathy

    Sorry about your back, I hurt my shoulder a while back. It still lingers too–I have to remember not to carry things in my left hand. No plans here, kids and I are chilling.

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