The Chicken…

The chicken for gumbo is being thawed. Nope. Didn’t get to it yesterday. So much happening and really, my brain was leaking.

That’s the problem with writing sometimes… the world continues to go on and I’m embroiled in a world of my own. It’s difficult to switch back out. A flag burning video jerked me out and then I ended up in a protracted discussion about why symbols matter. I don’t want to get into another discussion here about it. I don’t like flag burning and I’ll leave it at that. Me, the hard core liberal… yep, but I’ll own that of myself.

Neko the cat however is busy watching bird TV. We have a hell of a lot of hummingbirds and it’s like her NASCAR. They zoom in and around the feeder. Very mean little bastards.

Yoshi and Tam, the other two felines of the house, couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the birds. The dog DID just wake up out of a sound sleep to give a half-hearted woof at the sound of an ambulance siren. Dog needs a shower and a shave. Clipped down is the best way to keep him less rank. Mostly because he goes out and rolls in dead things. Really, the owls in the neighbourhood could do me the singular favour of not horking owl pellets up into the back yard.

Today will be spent writing. I need to leave this world for a few hours. Wash myself into another’s flavour and scents. Wish me luck. It’s always an interesting journey.

4 thoughts on “The Chicken…

  1. Dennis Dowd

    I was reading about your making the Gumbo and basically how long it took to cook, which in itself is fine, but if you haven’t ever tried using a pressure cooker to speed things up, you might try one of the newer electric ones which make using them some easier.

    It can be especially useful when you haven’t defrosted the chicken. I use it all the time to place frozen chicken parts in it, and then just add either a broth or a sauce of some kind and then cook it all for 20 minutes and of course it is all done without any issues. The electrics are nice since you simply filled them up and then set them for what time you want to cook your food, and then walk away. Mine will then beep when done and then default to keep warm. I been using stove top pressure cookers for some 40 years and so far only ruined one. The electrics are so easy to use they remind me of a slow cooker, but instead of being slow they are very fast. The Gumbo looked very good, though being a diabetic I would not have used the rice, but if I wasn’t then surely the rice then. I might have made brown rice as a side dish. Who knows…

    1. I have a pressure cooker and use it a lot. I prefer the stove top one and I’ve got a valve release one. So much better than the weights which I’ll admit, my mother blew one up once… outside though… and that was trauma for a few years.

      I do the slow cooker because I add things in stages over a few hours. First the chicken and sausage is browned then into the cooker with broth. Then comes the veggies… onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and green chiles. Then the okra and shrimp. Then the roux to thicken.

      The pressure cooker is great for things like coq au vin or boeuf bourguignon. It’s a great thing to use.

  2. Dee Ash

    I’ve never had gumbo – I’ve read about it in Discworld (Witches Abroad) and it possibly scarred me – though maybe it’s the mix of proteins – I don’t even like to mix types of the same animal in the same dish such as bacon and sausages!

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