So… I’ve got a new book coming out in a couple of weeks. That’s kinda old news, isn’t it? Fish Stick Fridays, what I called my sweet little cozy and was promptly informed I am off my rocker for thinking it’s cozy. It’s got a couple of cups of hot chocolate in it. Sure, there’s murder and sex but what doesn’t?

I’m waiting for Dirty heart to come back to me for edits. Edits. The bane of all existence but quite quite necessary. I don’t think I give enough shout outs to Grace who is the lead editor on all my books. Her team rocks. She rocks. Even if it took her a little while to figure out I was wearing a Blue Sun t-shirt. But hey, it was a long weekend.

Speaking of long weekends, I have mine scheduled to lay down some words. Maybe grab some Thai food. I could eat some shrimp pineapple fried rice. BUT I also have stuff to make gumbo so I should get that cooking. Perhaps starting it tomorrow so we can eat it on Saturday.

The dog’s wandering around the living room. He and the cat are battling for the couch. Well the space next to me. The cat’s had enough of his shit. Dog is now up and down. Seriously, sometimes Gus the dog is just a pain in the ass.

Whatcha all got planned for the weekend?

25 thoughts on “Friday!

  1. Dee Ash

    Brother one is bringing his 10 week old puppy to visit. This will be pleasant but followed by the inevitable “when are you getting another dog” commentary from everyone. Literally EVERYone in my family pushes this. But having my dog of 16years put down was horrendous. And although it was almost two years ago I’m not ready. So fun/irritating weekend.

  2. Sandy

    I need to finish the book I’m proofreading and then have a marathon catch-up session on all the books I’ve been neglecting…may have to send kids and husband away somewhere

  3. Hmmm…cleaning like a crazy woman because landlord is coming by tomorrow.😶It’s the 1st time we will have met him(went thru property management)so ya know…no stress or anything*twitches*
    …and hoping power does not go out.super windy storm has landed!💨☔️💦
    Other then that relaxing sounds like a plan😎👍🏽

  4. Kendra Patterson

    Just relaxing at home with my kindle. Lots of books to catch up on. Love how you wrote that you should start on that gumbo tomorrow so you can eat it on Saturday. Cooking on Saturday usually allows for eating on Saturday, right? LOL! 😜

  5. Cappa

    Knitting a gift, slow cooking something…I haven’t decided what recipe yet. And my first true test of real adulting. Forget a “real” job, forget moving into my own apartment, forget surviving in Chicago on my own. I’m putting together a piece of IKEA furniture by myself this weekend, and I will come out the other side a Man. Woman. Grown up person. Whichever.

  6. Val

    Finally got a phone that can do ringtones. Can you send me to Dirty Ringtones. Wanted them at the time but couldn’t download. Can now!

  7. Planning to make some Irish lamb stew from a recipe I found on Pintrest. =D Also, probably some actual work. Wish I had time to work on my jigsaw puzzle.

  8. isisrising4sandra

    Raking leaves – lots and lots of leaves. Then cleaning small house that we are selling next week – we have to pull everything out of there that we want to keep so a few carloads of tools and stuff we’ve had over there while doing repairs. I think I’ll be really happy to see this weekend come to an end. Hopefully his Vikings and my Broncos will both win our respective football games as icing on my nonexistent cake.

    – Sandra

  9. Sadonna

    Morning raking leaves after horrific winds this week and hopefully clearing out some of the dead flowerbed stuff. Then a couple of Christmas open houses during the day and then the official opening of our new outdoor ice skating rink (yes, it’s plenty cold enough to be able to have outdoor ice already) with ice skating demonstrations from the USFSA and ice sculpture demos and food/drinks and music 😀 Sunday more leaves (I have had giant piles of leaves over 3 ft high in my yard for the last week) and hopefully the last mowing of the lawn for the year. Last year I spent the entire Thanksgiving weekend doing the yard cleanup and I really want to avoid that this year! So you know – nothing much 😉

      1. Sadonna

        I used to have a lawn service – but it cost me over $1500 last year and that is only for half a year mind you! They literally charged me a gas surcharge every week. Um, it’s November and I haven’t moved the lawns since before GRL and I’m literally on my second gallon gas all summer. The final straw though was that they dislodged my downspout the week we had a ridiculous “100 year rain” and caused a horrific flood in my basement that ruined a LOT of furniture and my carpet which is costing me 1000s to replace, so yeah, no. Back to me squeezing more blood out of the turnip – which is me 😉

  10. Nothing… I hope. OK, reading but for the most part… nothing. I’m tired.

    Been going in circles the last couple of weeks and next week is no better. Still trying to find out what’s going on with the bp… all is still “normal” and the stress test isn’t until Jan. Hopefully, the internal medicine cardiologist figures it out. Saw a different one 5yrs ago during a procedure who told me I needed to see him… but in the land of “free” health care that’s impossible if you have a Dr like mine who said “no”…. Now there’s something wrong and nobody knows what.

    I have cooked up enough apple/quince juice over the last few days to keep us in apple/quince jelly all winter. I didn’t ask for them, and Dh of course was soooo not helpful. I froze 2/3 of it it and made 6 jars. Hope it set…. if not it’ll be quince sauce instead.

    As for leaves…. that’s what lawnmowers are for. It’s suppose to be nice again next week (50F) and I’ll try to get the rest of the pruning done. The leaves can stay.

    1. We don’t get leaves… not like fall leaves. I am however waiting for the neighbour’s pine tree to come crashing down. One of its branches is precariously attached and it’s quite creaky. Luckily, it won’t hit us but still… kinda precarious.

      Mmmmm quince!

      1. Have 2 falling down nut trees in the back yard and a man that will do anything on the farm and as little as possible on the yard/house. I now get a service to remove the stones (gravel road/snow plow) in the spring. If they are still there, I’ll get them dealt with too. We have a rule, be doesn’t fix things, I hire someone who will.

      2. Prevents fighting too. I am amazed how many women I know have to ask their husband’s permission to do things. Shudders. That lasted less than a month nearly 20 yrs ago now.

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