Speak. Just please… speak.

Sometimes people struggle with the idea that they’re not loud enough, aggressive enough, committed enough in their efforts to change the world for the better.

I read a twitter today that said…to paraphrase… “this movement is not for you.

This person was angry because a journalist/photographer intended to document / record an event about racial challenges.

It struck me as horrifically sad and disgusting that this person had the hubris to tweet…this movement is not for you.

Not everyone marches. Some people document events because if no one records history… like the tree in the forest that falls… does it ever really make a sound?

If you march…or do not march… if you chose to work to change the world, know that there is no one way to do so. Some people do choose to put forth a fight they might not be affected by. I am not gay yet I choose to fight for equal rights for everyone across the racial and gender spectrum.

Many of the rights I have, I will never use. There are many situations I will most likely never encounter. I will probably never marry. I will never be denied adopting a child because it is a different race than I am. I will probably never know the fear of being pulled over by a cop in a sketchy neighbourhood and I will never BE a cop who is fearful for his or her life because someone is targeting men and women in blue.

I will more than likely never have to wonder if I didn’t get the job because I am a woman….or because I am not in line with an ethnic requirement. Mostly those ideas never occur to me but I have discovered being female and practical in the workplace is always an amusing challenge, especially with rigid-minded people. I have the luxury of being able to work elsewhere. Not everyone does.

But I do have a voice. And unlike the tree, we are being heard. You are being heard. So don’t think your one voice isn’t worth using. Be an activist. Be one on your own terms.

Even simply treating people as you’d want to be treated is often the greatest form of activism there is.

22 thoughts on “Speak. Just please… speak.

  1. That was beautifully written Rhys. I am willing away some tears because its as if you reached inside me and wrote what you saw. I want to run up to people and show them this and say “This! This is what I want to say”

  2. Dennis Dowd

    Ah we all are so readily to point out each other’s so called short comings. We humans like to think we can figure out the world around us and know how it all works. But of course it is all an illusion. What I do feel is that I must pay attention to my own behavior and try to make sure it is up to what I want it to be. I am always weary of those who so readily point to others as if they truly know what they are doing one way or another. It is not always easy to ignore criticisms, but I ask you to do so here for they are nothing, and do not know what they say.

  3. Patricia

    I have collected some black and white photographs, for my slide show on my computer, of the Civil Rights movement in the US. The most compelling of these are the lunch counter protesters, who were both black and white young people, and protesters who chose to kneel in prayer on a sidewalk, rather than stage a violent protest. The lunch counter kids,all very young, were smeared with food and cursed, shoved, and sat patiently while they waited for service that was denied. By simply being there, they were protesting for rights of all, and they weren’t making empty speeches. Now for those of us who can’t or are unable to participate in those types of actions you are so right, Rhys, we just need to treat our brothers and sisters the same way we wish to be treated.

  4. Dee Ash

    Prejudice is something that confuses me hugely. Surely people can hear how illogical they sound if nothing else. I wonder if this same person would dismiss a news crew who wanted to document the social movement without fully embracing it?

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