There are a lot of people chiming in on Nanowrimo.

You should do it.
You shouldn’t do it.
If you do it, you’re a success.
If you do it, you still aren’t really a writer.
Why are you doing it?
What do you think you’ll accomplish?

You gain nothing by doing it.
What are you going to do with it once you’re done?

… And the list goes on.

Here’s the thing… if you want to do it, just fucking do it and have fun. Don’t let anyone tell you how to spend your time or your energy. If Nanowrimo is a goal you’ve set for yourself…to make that word count… to write that story… and I’m going to be the first one in line to cheer you on.

Because it’s YOUR want. YOUR desire. YOUR goal.

So you go do that thing. And do your best. Be the best fucking you that you can be.

And if you don’t make it, do it again next year or next month if you want to. We all have dreams. Big dreams. Little dreams. And every size in between.

Regardless of the size, it’s still a dream. You can do this. Have faith. And chocolate. Never underestimate a nice handful of chocolate.

Just saying.


TL;DR: Fuck people who tell you that you’re not worth your own time and desires. Eat chocolate.


7 thoughts on “Nanowrimo

  1. jenf27

    Hear, hear! Your advice is great for so many things.

    Think I will go eat some chocolate now…my kids’ Halloween bags are still quite full. 😉

  2. I do it because once I sit down to write every day, I actually do it. No excuses. But it absolutely has to be something you do for yourself, and no one has the right to tell you what works or doesn’t work, or what is or isn’t right for you. Anyone who tries to tell you you aren’t worth the time? I’m with Rhys; fuck them. And I’m always on board for chocolate.

  3. *Hugs*… Love your method of support!😄
    Unclear on how it’s anyone’s business how a person chooses to spend their time? That doing what you love is not worth the time you give it or just not worth it at all…I mean how presumptuous & plain mean!😕
    Dreams should always be encouraged & respected. You don’t have to understand or get it, but why put down or make a person feel like crap just for trying?!

    Don’t let anyone’s warped point of view stop you from doing what you love, because people are just strange…if you find satisfaction & joy in writing or drawing or freaking staring at the wall, do what makes you happy!

    Chocolate is always a good start too😉

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