Audible’s Hidden Gem Sale! Black Dog Blues only $3.95


Audible is have a Hidden Gem sale!

Audible’s “Hidden Gem” sale, which runs from Wednesday, November 4th through Saturday, November 7th at 11:59 PM PST. All audiobooks in this sale will be sold for $3.95. This sale is eligible to all Audible customers whether or not they are members. Black Dog Blues has been selected as one of these Hidden Gems. *flails*

Link to Black Dog Blues

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61fBGEaskpL._SL300_Black Dog Blues
Ever since being part of the pot in a high-stakes poker game, elfin outcast Kai Gracen figures he used up his good karma when Dempsey, a human Stalker, won the hand and took him in. Following the violent merge of Earth and Underhill, the human and elfin races are left with a messy, monster-ridden world, and Stalkers are the only cavalry willing to ride to someone’s rescue when something shadowy appears.

It’s a hard life but one Kai likes – filled with bounty and a few friends and, most importantly, no other elfin around to remind him of his past. And killing monsters is easy. Especially since he’s one himself.

But when a sidhe lord named Ryder arrives in San Diego, Kai is conscripted to do a job for Ryder’s fledgling Dawn Court. It’s supposed to be a simple run up the coast during dragon-mating season to retrieve a pregnant human woman seeking sanctuary. Easy, quick, and, best of all, profitable. But Kai ends up in the middle of a deadly bloodline feud he has no hope of escaping.

No one ever got rich being a Stalker. But then few of them got old, either, and it doesn’t look like Kai will be the exception.

©2015 Rhys Ford (P) 2015 DSP Publications

6 thoughts on “Audible’s Hidden Gem Sale! Black Dog Blues only $3.95

  1. Maryann

    Already have it but am going to check and see what else is for sale.

  2. Stan Errington

    Already got it too (and have listened to it twice), and thoroughly enjoyed it again. .

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