Free Audiobook…How about a contest?

51pH7HgI6yL._SL300_No really. I’ve got codes. And Sloe Ride should be coming out soon. Yes. SOON! *eyes Audible*

So to celebrate Quinn and Rafe finally getting a voice, I’m going to be dumping a couple of audiobook codes into a magic hat and the first two names I pull out of it on Halloween will receive a code good for one audiobook on Audible.

Now, I’d like to point you to my fabulous narrators Greg Tremblay and Tristan James for your selecting pleasure so keep them in mind. These codes will be good for any audio book. Not just mine.

What to do to win? Just leave a comment below about the best Halloween costume you’d like to wear or have worn in the past.

Easy as pie. Well not really because pie is a fucking bitch to make. Easy as a glass of water. If you live in a first world country. Easy as dirt. DIRT! and BUGS!

Sheesh. Just leave a comment if you wanna win.

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69 thoughts on “Free Audiobook…How about a contest?

  1. Maite

    My best friend is an amazing seamstress so she has made me awesome costumes in the past…. I guess if I have to pick one it would be the blue goblin ball gown , complete with a beehive, bright blue contacts and a blue goblin mask. Sigh…. I loved that thing. Even if it was pain getting in the back of taxi at the end of then night! Hoops are not easy!

  2. younela

    I have to admit I’m not much into Halloween costumes or dress up at all really, being 4’9″ and very round, choices are a bit limited, but in an ideal world… I’d be all tall and slinky in a Cat Woman outfit…..sigh….
    On the upside, I can’t wait for Sloe Ride to go to audio. Woot!

  3. fmiller

    Well … my favorite costume was a vampire .. red cape and all!

    Can’t wait for the audio!!!

  4. So, trick or treat day is the official start of winter in Wisconsin. It is always freezing. So one year, as a child, after abandoning my original costume due to the amount of winter gear that had to be worn, my parents just bundled me up and put a garbage bag around the whole thing. That’s right, I went as garbage. Not my best or favorite costume, but the one I will always remember :).

    Can’t wait to listen to Sloe Ride. It is my favorite way to “re-read” books. Particularly now that I got to meet the awesomeness that is Greg πŸ™‚

  5. Colette

    Because they are one of my favorite bands and I love visual puns I have always wanted to dress like Alice in Wonderland and wrap chains around me.

  6. Me and some friends dressed up as Oompa Loompas for a contest at work. We did this little dance and totally kicked butt. In fact, we won! It was my very first foray into the world of How to Make a Complete Fool of Yourself Without Really Trying.

  7. Michelle

    I’m good at helping everyone dress up but don’t wear costumes myself. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Bob

    Hey-Rhys, I’ve been Groucho Marx and Frankenstein. The Groucho story is funnier since my car broke down near the office on the way to work. A co-worker had to come rescue me. He was driving an old VW bus and dressed as Minnie Pearl. We got lots of looks and beeping horns.

  9. Al

    When I was in college, I was obssessed with Richard Nixon (complete with a dead presidents mask) and I worked as a preschool teacher. We had a Halloween parade and EVERYONE had to participate. So I borrowed one of my dad’s suits, bought a power tie, and went to work that day dressed as Richard Nixon. Tricky Dick’s face from beyond the grave frightened 2 year olds and I feel that was my most successful costume.

    This year I want to be Ziggy Stardust.

  10. Andrea M

    Elizabth I from the Tudor period. I’d love to wear one of those dresses and a crown for one day.

  11. My favorite costume was the one my maternal grandmother bought for me. It was Dr Strange (total crush on the character, I mean, grey sideburns? He was irresistible!), and it was one of those plastic face masks you couldn’t see out of, and I think a plastic suit. I loved that costume.

  12. Dee Ash

    Don’t put me in the competition please, I don’t do audio, I’m more of a visual girl πŸ˜‰
    I realised that I’ve only ever dressed up as someone/thing once in my life (sooo long ago too). I don’t know what that means. But then again, this is England. (Not the movie!). I was Magrat from the Discworld, it was a green dress, lots of jewellery, a broom and that’s it. So I don’t even know if anyone would’ve noticed if I hadn’t specified the issue and been at a convention!

      1. Dee Ash

        Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!! (I used extra exclamation marks since you forgot to denote your evil cray cray with them!!)

  13. Jen C.

    Back in the days of grunge I dressed up like Courtney Love. All that smeared makeup and her lovely tiara!

  14. Karla Ruksys

    One year a group of friends and I dressed as the Fruit of the Loom fruits. I wore balloons because I was the bunch of grapes.

  15. I remember those stupid plastic masks that came with those cheap costumes from the local big box stores. I hated how you could never really see out of the eye holes and how they made your face sweat. Whoever invited those really hated kids!

  16. Best costume was when my boyfriend & I went to a party as vampire and food.

    Curiously I’m currently listening to Tequila Mockingbird at work..

  17. I once went to a party as a werewolf, in a big grey furry costume… was a nightmare! I was so hot I thought I would die, couldn’t see anything and kept tripping up over the stupid feet! I never let my stupid boyfriend get the costumes again …. it was funny though – lololol!

  18. Anne Marie Crookes

    I’ve never worn a costume but I used to make them by hand for my kids. Ghosts, GI Joe, White Shadow, Raggedy Ann and Andy, witches and vampires. I had such a lot of fun making them. Is that good enough to enter the contest?

  19. Laura

    This year I am part of the lazy Star Wars crew and am just wearing an wok hoodie, which is fun and doesn’t interfere with my just reconstructed ACL. Speaking of audio books, is Ink and Shadows going to be done as an audio book? You have amazing readers. πŸ˜€

  20. Angelfire

    One year I went as a German Gestapo agent as my family is German and my friends decided it would be funny, it had an incredibly short skirt and terribly High thigh high boots which wouldn’t normally be a problem for me but we had a freak frost that day/night and the streets were like glass and we were walking into town to the party so I spent half a mile of walking their and back hanging on to bannaman and batman, needless to say I spent a lot of time on my ass and needed to sit on a cushion for the next few days as I was extensively bruised !

  21. Juliana

    As a child I went as an Autum Princess, my mother made the dress, lots of golden color’s and tulle. I don’t dress up as an adult but if I could have a costume it would be one of Arwen’s dresses from The Lord of the Rings film series!

  22. debby236

    I do not know any great ones that I have worn bur I had my daughter once as a witch and no one recognized her,

  23. Beth

    This year our family was going to go trick or treating as the Avengers. I was going to be Black Widow, my husband was going to be Thor, my oldest daughter was going to be Scarlet Witch, and my youngest son was going to be Captain America. Unfortunately, my oldest son didn’t want to take part in the theme and my youngest daughter wanted to be Wonder Woman (we couldn’t convince her that WW wasn’t one of the Avengers and 6 year olds, apparently, are always right). Now, everyone has drifted completely away from that theme. We’ll have a witch, a grim reaper, Elsa, and Superman. My husband and I will probably just dress for comfort. Maybe next year we can do a family theme…

  24. bastdazbog

    My favorite costume was probably when I was 6 or 7 and I was a black cat. My mom made me that costume and I wore it for at least 2 years. I remember crying when I outgrew it, lol. This year I am going as the goddess Demeter. πŸ™‚

  25. My all-time favorite costume was the leopard costume my mom made for me when I was probably six or so – it was corduroy and it was awesome! I think I wore it to play in and sleep in until I wore it out! I’ve sewn some pretty fabulous costumes for my son and my nieces and nephews since then, but that one started it all!

  26. susana

    Pirate! Me and my friends dressed as pirates not so many years ago. We even had a teddy parrot! We had fun! so much fun!

  27. Sharon Cox

    Halloween is not big in Australia but audiobooks are big with me. Can I enter anyway?

  28. Elorie

    I used to be active in the SCA and loved sewing costumes. I also went to a lot of Science Fiction conventions. I went as an Elizabethan lady in a blue velvet Spanish dress with a divided overdress, the overdress edged with jeweled hems and on the edge of the divided skirt. It had a low scoop neck, also edged in jeweled decorative binding and satin sleeves with a light material covering the angel wing that Ive forgotten the name of.. I had always wanted a blue velvet long dress and lol I finally made it myself. It still hangs In my closet. If I could take pictures with my phone, I would send a picture but that is beyond me. haha

  29. We used to do fancy dress quite a lot, one time a few of us dressed up in suede lederhosen, work boots and checkpoints and called ourselves the Von Crap Family and had to speak with a German accent all night (we didn’t know how a Swiss accent should sound?) And if someone asked what we were, we had to start singing doe a deer, a female deer….I know…but it seemed funny at the time!

  30. Monica

    Favorite costume was a navy man’s dress jacket with his cap and nothing else but fishnet hose and hooker heels. I had a buzz cut at the time and was pretty hot!!!

  31. Girlzebra

    My dad was very tall ,so he dressed as a tent and my mom was a belly dancer and danced around the tent, mind you this was 40 plus years ago, very racy for the day.

  32. Val

    Went as the headless horseman- black riding boots pants shirt and cape with pumpkin fpr a head and authentic sword mounted on my Morgan mare decked in english riding gear. Scared the crap out of people! Best Halloween ever!!

  33. Cappa

    Now that I’m older I go for makeup over elaborate costumes. My favorite has to be a couple years ago when I went full on Cat, as in Cats from Broadway. Wig, makeup, fake fangs and all. I won the work contest and got free lunch from a restaurant in my building when they asked to put me on their Facebook page. Plus, the costume part was a black sweater and black yoga pants with a tail. Yoga pants at work are a win any day of the week.

  34. Nomi Bartlett

    I like to wear pajamas to work whenever I can, so a friend and I were banana’s in pajamas.

  35. Karen

    Honestly I am not creative at all and don’t think I have ever had a good Halloween costume…even now that I am older I am still horrible at it…although we did put my little brother in one of my cabbage patch kid costumes for his 1st Halloween. It was adorable ❀️

  36. waxapplelover

    I have no creativity or DIY skills whatsoever, so my go to is to get a graphic T shirt with the logo and point to that all day. πŸ™‚ Favorite so far was Cookie Monster.

  37. Hunt

    I was a barefoot gypsy fortune teller with all the jewelry, head scarf, etc. But I had loads of fun making my son different costumes through the years – Rambo, Rafael Ninja Turtle, Batman, and many others. The most fun was my 5 year old son as Batman and my 6’3″ tall husband as Robin (wearing long underwear as tights) πŸ™‚ Love Halloween!

  38. Rachael

    My mom made my sisters and I clown costumes. At first they were too big, then we grew into them and then as we got bigger they got too small. Which made them great for several years in a row.

  39. Hi, Rhys! I can’t wait to get ahold of Sloe Ride, so congrats on the release. I’m not sure about the best costume I’ve ever worn, but I can tell you the worst. I was working full-time at two different restaurants. I ended up waitressing in a very small extra dining room of the first and had dressed as a pumpkin. I had taken a twin sheet and dyed it orange, putting elastic in the top and bottom and stuffing it with newspaper. Who knew I would be taking care of customers sitting at tables holding 8-25 each. LOL

  40. My best costume was one year when I worked in a snooty office that didn’t embrace Halloween – I had a pink business suit and I wore a “Hello, my name is” tag and wrote “Floyd” on it…boom! I was my favorite musical band, Pink Floyd. Ahhh, fond memories of my little act of rebellion!

  41. Otila

    I saw a picture today of a little girl dressed as Princess Darth Vader. It was awesome! That’s what I wanna be for Halloween πŸ™‚

  42. Elizabeth

    My friend and I went as zombies a few years ago. But we weren’t any old zombies, we went as 1950s sock hop zombies! We made our own poodle skirts and wore white button up shirts and bloody the whole thing up. My friend did an awesome job with our makeup and hair. We looked cute but gross at the same time. That has been by far my favorite Halloween costume!

  43. My best costume was Puglys from the Addams Family. I also made a Cousin IT prop that sits in my living room to this day. He also gets a Santa hat every Xmas.

  44. Josie

    I’ve never had a Halloween costume but if I did it would have to be a long black dress with maybe a hat as well.

  45. Dorene Welch

    When I was in 8th grade my dad (he was a dress designer) made me a Glenda the Good Witch costume. I wore a hoop under it because it was so full with soft rainbow colors. I remember feeling like a princess instead of the good witch!

  46. reviewerlarissa

    Ha, well, my costumes are never thought out or based on something. It’s usually made out of stuff I already have in my closet or something I can find second hand. In the fast I’ve been an alien noble, a steampunk witch, a goth zombie. This year the outfit will be based on a black dress, but no clue on the details just yet.

    Good luck with the release!!

  47. Waiting for Ralf story in audio to enjoy . My customs are Halloween school scrubs cause I am always working at the hospital. And I miss your other web page side. What happen?

  48. Viv

    I’m not big on dressing up, but last year my co-workers and I dressed up as prisoners and our 1 male co-worker was a security guard. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. nocalreader

    I dressed up as Vincent van Gough – complete with ear bandage, fake goatee, rubber ear in a box, and paint palette.

  50. Carli M.

    I love the Alice in wonderland costume I wore last year, it’s super comfortable and I’ve actually repurposed it for this year. I’m thinking I’ll be one of those old porcelain baby dolls, with the right makeup and a few alterations it would look wonderful. I guess that’s both ‘the best Halloween costume you’d like to wear’ and ‘have worn in the past.’ Can’t wait for the Audio version of ‘Slow Ride’ I adored the book version but, narration adds so much to the story. Happy Halloween!

  51. dawn frakes

    I love the men of Sinners series! Have all your books on Audio. My best costume was one that I made around a funny that I bought at the Norway pavilion at Epcot. It was a cheesy little girl Viking hat with blonde pigtails. I went to a fabric shop and made a “burlap” like tunic, faux brown bear like fur for a vest and ankle wraps and rope for belt and leather thong string to tie on the ankle wraps. Worn with swade muckalucks. And found a heavy plastic “dungeon n dragons” type sword to complete the ensemble. 😁

  52. Rachelle Pohl

    My dad made me a costume when I was in middle school I believe, the ogity bogity man from nightmare before Christmas It was awesome!
    Oh FYI anxiously awaiting for the next Helsinger book! 😁

  53. Desiree iuzzolino

    My favorite costume was a belly dancer costume, complete with jingly belly chain. I loved the sound it made and how the costume made new feel pretty.

  54. Elaine McMichael

    I made a black widow costume with legs and round body-not the sexy one. The creepy one where the 2 sets of spare legs were attached to my arms. Got to creep out a lot of people. LOL! Elaine

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