I have No Idea what Day it is.

Seriously. Someone clue me  in.

I have to process the GRL video. I am looking forward to seeing it. Mostly, I am looking forward to finding my camera in the mess that is GRL swag.

Greg Tremblay rocks. Hands down. He totally kicked ass at the readings and he pwned Mary Calmes’ and Jaime Samms’ pieces as well as mine. Everyone had a great time on the Korean Food Fest… or so I was told. Our tiny excursion of 45 and more people to Zion Food Court then to Big Joy Family Bakery. I seriously need to find that camera. I hope we got the recordings.

Now on to scraping my brain for a book. Need to get back into the groove as it were. Some groove. Any groove.

Here’s a dog in an elephant costume.Uq8JxMB

5 thoughts on “I have No Idea what Day it is.

  1. Dee Ash

    Well here goes – 21st October 2015. Wednesday in other words. Also the exact date in which Marty McFly returns to the future in BTTF pt2, hence why I’m enjoying Back to the Future Day on ITV2. Happily 2 was always my favourite – 3 sucks though. 😉

  2. Patricia

    You’re making me consider for the first time to try an audio book next time I get one of your novels!

  3. Dennis Dowd

    Gee if you were a patient I had in the hospital I would have to call the doctor and tell them that you are confused, maybe slurring your words, and get an emergency CAT Scan to see if you were have a stroke. But I am sure that is not what is happening and of course that makes me happy.

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