London is Drowning

London was soaked through to the bone. TO THE BONE! Chanced across a protest. And then it became impossible to get a cab. Okay so that’s all just stitched up together there. But those were the events.

P1010941Couldn’t get to Baker Street mostly because the tour company we hired had the buses running late. So we went on the Red Line and then the skies opened up. There were waterfalls running the Tube’s stairs. It was insane. I got soaked. We all got soaked.

But I got a picture of one of the Tower’s Ravens.

And had Fish and Chips for lunch.

So dead tired. So this will be quick. See you in the morning. Well my morning.

P1010921 P1010922

7 thoughts on “London is Drowning

  1. Sue Kesby

    Glad you’ve been enjoying your trip to the UK, Rhys. Hope you can get to see other parts of the country on another visit – our bit’s particularly beautiful in September!

  2. Dee Ash

    I changed trousers three times on Wednesday thanks to the downpour. Red line = Central line and if you ever come back you can get the yellow (Circle line) tube from the Tower (Tower Hill) to Baker Street. The ravens always make me feel a bit sad though, like going to the zoo.

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