Friday! Sort of.

Evening or rather morning,

I’m about to go crash for the night (it is now 1 am on Early Friday Morning) because it’s been a long day. I have some pix of the Bristol Cathedral which I should share and one of my breakfast. Go figure. Heh.

Today was spent with people and talking and just tomfoolery. The hotel is rather warm but my room is freezing. Go figure that as well.

Sadly, the Japanese Rugby team will be leaving tomorrow and some of them are a bit drunk because there is singing coming from next door. It’s stopped now but I was thinking…why am I hearing Japanese? Because I can’t seem to recall the huge, half-nekkid hot guys roaming the halls. Okay mostly they were dressed.

Off to bed and I’ll start blogging about the UK Meet tomorrow. Should head down early for breakfast and coffee. 😀 Because coffee.

5 thoughts on “Friday! Sort of.

  1. jenf27

    I hope you have a great time at the UK Meet! Too bad the rugby team is leaving…they sound, um, entertaining. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your pix.

  2. Dee Ash

    You Americans! What on earth do you expect the bedroom to be, warm?! Everyone in England knows that without a chill bracing air whilst you sleep the body gains ill humours – it’s why centrally heated houses invariably have open bedroom windows! And coffee? How very dare you? Twinings Breakfast or nothing!

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