Leaving On A Jet Plane… well, have already left…

Morning all!

I’ll probably still be in the air when this is posted but I thought I’d preload a blog entry just to have something here.

There are a lot of things to worry about when traveling and apparently having enough power cords is one of them. Seriously, does EVERYTHING have to have its own power cord? Apparently so. Damned electronics. I’m lugging a bunch of tablets, phones, laptops and cameras with me. You’d think I was going to go shoot a documentary and cut it on the fly.

Also in my luggage are skanky My Little Ponies for one of the five to dissect and make pretty horrid things with. With any luck, one of them will be a fanged pony. I’ll ask for pix.

This isn’t going to be one of the longer flights I’ve been on and truthfully, I’ll be able to sleep through most of it. Redeye to London isn’t that bad. Fighting the traffic to the airport probably will be worst. So we’ll see how that pans out.

I don’t have a lot of writing news. Mostly my brain’s been taken up with how I’m going to get on at Bristol and what else I have to do for GRL. I do need to just sit down, have a cup of coffee someplace and ruminate about Kai 2. Which reminds me. I need to shove a notebook into my luggage so I can just jot notes down instead of dragging out the laptop when I want to go wander.

Unfortunately for me, British Airways doesn’t do TSA Pre-Check so I have to stand in line with everyone else. Sighs. The horrors. *Grins* Knowing Security, that’ll take a bit. Especially at San Diego International.

When I get back, I’ll have to get on my swag for GRL. Just the paper bits since I’ve got the physical stuff. I don’t know what my plans are for cons next year but I’m thinking of doing a MidWest tour, mainly so Mary Calmes can lock me up in her house like she did last year and then her cat, Dewey and I can sing the blues together in Stalag Calmes.

There’s a bit of an ear stuffiness going on with me but I have Sudafed. I’m taking a bunch with me because you know, ear stuffiness is horrible. A lot of it has to do with the hot/cold air San Diego is having right now. It better be gone when I come back. *grins*

Talk to you all once I get landed, settled and probably some sleep and coffee. If you’re attending the UK Meet, wooooot! Say hey.

14 thoughts on “Leaving On A Jet Plane… well, have already left…

  1. Marilyn Adam

    My crystal ball says you are on the way to big things! Those Brits don’t know what a treat they are getting! Have fun. too.

  2. Geraldine

    All the tickets for the meet were gone unfortunately, but I hope you have a good time in the UK, bring some U.S. Nice weather with you please! Loved Sloe Ride, but now thinking about the novella and last book in the series. Are we going to see another Morgan paired up? Perhaps Brae? And will Ian decide what to do with his life? What about Riley and Kel Sanchez, I thought they might be a thing from the comments in the first book….can’t wait, and trying to avoid thinking about the last of Cole ‘sob’. Keep writing Rhys and safe journey

    1. Oh no! I wish you were close by! I am going to be in the UK for a bit.

      The novella will be about the guys on the road and the last book will be Miki and Kane. So… that’s all I can tell you. *grins*

      And Cole will have one off mysteries 😀

  3. Reianne

    Have a good flight. Hope you enjoy your time in the UK. And yes power cords are a menace. Everything needs its own and then you end up with this annoying tangle of stuff. We need a universal power cord for everything. Yup. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Dee Ash

    No!! Watch out for the ear – that’s how I began, then BOOM! Hospital times. No fun. But blessed be the sudafed my child, we sell it here too, so indulge more on arrival! We even had sunny September weather today and I think it’s similar tomorrow (which is five minutes from now BTW – for you too, HA HA!). Wish I was going but don’t envy what sounds like serious overbooking!

  5. Looking forward to meeting you. I’m easy to recognise. If you find yourself thinking “Who is that wrinkly woman wearing clothes far too young for her” chances are it’s me. xx

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