13 thoughts on “A Touch of Irish is at It’s About The Book

  1. That was a sweet and wonderful surprise (way to make up for it being Monday!) – and such a fantastic glimpse into their continuing story. I’m nowhere near ready for this series to be over *sigh* …hopefully snippets / novellas to come after Sloe Ride (pretty please?)

  2. *siiighs* That was incredibly sweet! 😊 I love the differences you showed in how each couple works.Each version of celebrating their love was just so…them! lol Thanks for a wee peek at some characters that are loved.

  3. Cappa

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thank you! Thank you! A little fix to get us through to September. Best Monday ever!

  4. isisrising4sandra

    Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!!!! So happy to have this to read 🙂 Thanks for making my Monday SO much better.

  5. Stephanie S.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was just what I needed. I do so love the Morgan boys!

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