The Dirty End has Begun

Just made a folder. Named it Dirty Heart.

The end has begun.

On another note, while cleaning out the Dirty folder, I found this diagram. Apparently I needed knife research.

14 thoughts on “The Dirty End has Begun

  1. Dee Ash

    The fact that I’m utterly enamoured with Ink & Shadows has somehow lessened the blow – I’m still sad but I know there’ll be more good stuff coming. As to weird research finds – my handwritten notes on broadsword, hand-and-a-half and longsword blades from age 13!

  2. Kendra Patterson

    Glad to hear another Dirty book is coming and that they’ll have extra mysteries later on. It’s too great a series to see gone. I’ve read them 3 times already. ๐Ÿ™‚

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