And in other news…

Oh and in other news, following this book… Dirty Heart (The last of the Cole McGinnis series)* and then Kai 2. What do you all think?

* End of the series. So we find out about Ben. There will be one-offs later πŸ˜€

33 thoughts on “And in other news…

  1. val

    Sad to see the end of Cole. Love him and Jae. Ecstatic to dinally get Kai 2. Purxhases him when he was first published and it has been hard to wait for #2. Oh. And cant wait dor Murder! !!!! Go girl!!!!

  2. Amy Darling

    I can’t wait to find out about Ben. So exciting!! And I can’t wait for Kai 2!!! Yay!!

  3. Yes to all of it. Despite my sads over the end of the series, knowing there will be one-offs eases the sads.

    I’ve been dying for Kai 2 since the re-release came out, so I’m totally game for anything at all with him!

  4. Claire McGuire

    So happy! We finally find out what was up with Ben. And really happy that there will be one offs to come. Love Jae and Cole. <3

  5. Sharon Cox

    Sounds good – but I am happy with whatever you write.
    Off topic in a way – I’ve been listening to the Hellsinger books and I love them. I will finish book 2 on Saturday when I am back in the car again. Will you ever revisit these guys?

  6. Renee

    Sad to see the end of Cole and Jae, they’re just great. Excited for more Kai – I read his book the first time around and can’t wait for more! I agree with one of the other commentors, I’d read anything you write, even a recipe!

  7. Mary

    I’m already pre-ordered for Murder & Mayhem. Hate to see Cole & Jae end but the one-offs help. Kai……more please. You write so well that Cole & Jae are real to your fans. Same for Miki & Kane.

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