Rain, music and whatnots

I’ve been having issues with the new book. Okay yeah, I always have issues but this time, oddly enough… it’s the title.

I’d love to name it Dirty Side Down. Sadly, that’s a Cole title sound. From now on, anything with Dirty in it is going to make me think of bullets, snarky gay detectives and Korean food.

Word association is an interesting thing.

There are words we never think about how much they weigh until used in a certain context then suddenly they grow fangs and thorns or turn the inside of our brains maudlin with memories of things and people we cannot shake.

Shake. Another word. Milky, sweet or hard, terrifying rock slamming together beneath the earth until its crust breaks.

Odd things those. Words.

Yet we still have problems talking with one another. We talk TO easily enough but WITH is sometimes hard.

I think it’s because even through we all have the same words, we all speak our own different language…even if we share the same sound for chair.

Someone once said it’s odd to think that the brain is the only thing that ever named itself.

And I think in some secret corner of our minds, it’s still naming things, seeing things, hearing things on its own terms while laughing its head off at the confusion it causes.

Fucking not-chairs.

10 thoughts on “Rain, music and whatnots

  1. Jennifer

    Dirty for you, dirty up, dirty boy, dirty dirty dirty, dirty nights, dirty soul, dirty dog,

      1. Maryann

        It’s like the word SINNERS. You have a “SINNERS” series and Avril Ashton has “Brooklyn SINNERS”. Totally different use of the word.

      2. Maryann

        Got another one! “Murder and Mayhem” different from K.A. Merikan’s “Sex and Mayhem” series. But those guys got some murder going on too!!

  2. I really like Maryann’s Gritty Side Down. That is cool. I would buy a book with that title. Come to think I have often bought books by unknown authors when they have an intriguing title.

  3. Dee Ash

    It’s not talking with that’s the issue because you’re right – we talk “to” marvelously – it’s listening “to” that’s the problem; and that’s how you create a conversation, with the talking and listening making a true exchange. (Yeesh, I feel vaguely sickened by myself, it sounds so hippieish – my upbringing (mum) betrayed me, sorry).

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