So Here’s The Thing…

Just threw a bunch of chicken wings in the fridge to marinate for tonight’s dinner.

Lime juice, old bay, salt, pepper, garlic, chili oil and italian seasoning.

We’ll probably have pasta or potatoes. Debating making a macaroni salad but I don’t have eggs. Must have eggs.

Whatcha all having for dinner?

29 thoughts on “So Here’s The Thing…

  1. Jodi Slaughter

    Have chicken soaking in yoghurt and spices for the grill later. Made biryani and hummus to go with it and debating whether to make up some baba ghanouj. Depends on the look the 5yr old gives the eggplant today 😀

      1. Jodi Slaughter

        Joshua usually does too. He’s 5 so things go from favorite to gross and back again lol

  2. Cora Lee Forletta

    Green chile with pork, pinto beans,Spanish rice and tortillas New Mexico style

      1. Cora Lee Forletta

        Nope. Not a big tomatillo fan. I make it the way my mom made it. Except i buy the tortillas. I’m not that industrious.

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