Dirty Huhs

I get twitchy about my desktop. For better or for worse, I like to have shortcuts to series I’m working on lined up on the left side along with a master file.

A few seconds ago, I was kind of… damn I wish I had room to put a shortcut marked One Offs under here but there are too many folders.

That’s when I realized in about six months or so, I’ll begin the end of Cole and Jae’s story arc…

And that shortcut will leave my desktop.

A shortcut that’s been there for years…through a few laptops and thousands of cups of coffee.


It’s a very weird feeling.


21 thoughts on “Dirty Huhs

  1. Dee Smith

    Oh gosh, I really hate to see the series end, but am happy to know that Cole and Jae will still be around once in a while.. I am so glad they brought me to your work. As long as you keep writing, I will be happy.

  2. isisrising4sandra

    Cole and Jae were the beginning of everything with your books and my heart. I understand the need to move on, but I’ll miss seeing them ahead of me and only catching glimpses in my rear view mirror (then again, their rear view is kind of spectacular in its own way).

  3. Kendra Patterson

    I’ll miss Cole & Jae. Glad to hear they’ll be around in an occ book though. They’re one of my fav couples. 🙁

  4. So sad that such a good thing has to come to an end….I love those books, good that we will ge an occasional visit though…..have just finished Bobby and Ichy on audio, it was fabulous thanks Rhys and Greg 🙂

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