I’m rounding out the end of Sloe Ride and I know I’ve not spent a lot of time here. On Facebook I’ve posted links and photos of stuff. And really should post more here. So, pull up a chair and maybe let’s spend a few minutes.

Got a photo from a reader named James Thomas. It’s a picture of my books in his college’s library. I got all awwwwwww… mostly because it is a library! Not even so much as MY books but a LIBRARY!

james_thomasI have such a special place in my heart for libraries. Back when I was a zoglet, monies were scarce. They didn’t have to be but that’s a story for another confessional…and not really my story to tell but combined with the lack of money was a…dismissal of reading as anything important.

Actually it was less of a dismissal and more of an aggressive dislike and reading was discouraged.

So… I found solace in libraries. And also garage sales. To this day, I love swap meets, garage sales and street markets because for a few quarters, I could stock up my brain for a couple of weeks. Libraries meant being responsible and having to find a way back, not an easy thing to do when one is under 10. And school libraries didn’t really let you borrow five books at a time—go figure. But public libraries were great and back then, they forgave a lot of fines, especially when you’re a grubby child obviously hungry for anything with words in it.

I read everything. Hell, I spent an entire day in the back of a truck reading a tutorial cookbook about making sausage… I still to this day wonder how a plum and duck meat sausage tastes. I’ve had the apple and chicken.

So libraries… so much like a temple where one can find pieces of peace and enlightenment.

There you go. Libraries.

Sloe Ride… ah, the monkey on my back… this is a different read. Aren’t they all? The romance between Rafe and Quinn isn’t a fiery one. No, it’s a slow-burning joining. I’ve not written that before so the challenge is laying down a good solid foundation of their friendship first and then slowly layer on love.

11063811_453012078185309_2088523448175433160_nMuch like applying a really good butter cream onto moist cake.

So that’s where I am today. The cat is a cat. Tam the Diabetic went in for a check up and yep, all the tests came back positive…he’s a cat.

Oh and I was going to tell you something and now just TOTALLY forgot. Really. It was semi-important or cool. OH! Yes.

NOH8 shoot tomorrow. WOOOOT! I take horrible pictures but hey, I shall do my best!

17 thoughts on “Sausage!

  1. Have fun at the NOH8 shoot! And, hey, if they can make me look semi good (I do not take good photos), they’re not going to have a problem with you!

  2. Kendra Patterson

    I share your love of libraries. I’ve always felt relaxed & comfortable around books. Book stores are great too. Really looking forward to Sloe Ride. Love your books. 🙂

  3. Renee

    I love libraries. I spent every Saturday there as a child while my grandma had her hair done. I couldn’t wait to go and hated to leave. I remember how excited I was when I graduated from the kids section to the adult one. But it was all great. Until recently, after I bought my first kindle, I still went to the library once a week, the only way I could afford my reading habit. They are great places.

  4. Dee Smith

    I would be so lost without libraries. I am disabled, so I read like 10-13 books a week, so I’m completely serious. I do also buy a lot of books on Amazon, but I could never afford that many every week! By the way, I do buy yours, which are always keepers. Really can’t wait for Sloe Ride! Hurry, hurry, hurry!

  5. LOVE this post (and the little peek into part of your story. <3 ). I share all the love for libraries. They are havens for so many people. And, as the parent of a special needs kids whose love of reading is immeasurable, libraries are a saving grace. If we had to buy all the books he reads we'd eat nothing but Ramen noodles! lol

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