17 thoughts on “Morning!

  1. elaine Downes

    Rather have a better close up of that body rather than the detail of the surroundings. He is cute though !

  2. Patricia

    Needs a tiny bit of cropping but the area gives me clues about the man. Nice being in black and white of course. Never lose my fascination with the structure of male muscles and bones.

  3. Elorie

    Good technical photography. Perfect use of principle of thirds. More concerned with the quality of the photo as a whole as opposed to displaying male. He is a part of the picture, not the central concern. Technique is very good.

  4. The model appears kinda bored.😶
    I mean he’s pretty but the overall feel is meh…the background has no warmth either…kinda stark.
    It’s not a bad photo, but it doesn’t really grab my attention either so I shall stick with meh!

  5. Dee Ash

    I like it, looks very natural like he’s asking for something to be passed over to him (albeit with a very much bigger shower than the average person probably has!).

  6. Renee

    It’s too dark, even for black and white. He does look bored. I’d like to see more of the water that should be there.

  7. isisrising4sandra

    It’s badly staged. The glass in the center is the first thing that pulls your attention away from the fiture, then the very busy wall to the left. The lighting is good, the model is yummy, but the staging leaves a lot to be desired.

  8. Kendra Patterson

    He looks un-naturally and un-comfoftably posed. He also has a look like he forgot where he was and what he’s doing. Also agree that the left hand is oddly curled, distracting. All in all not a good pic, IMO. 🙁

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