Make Me A Morgan Giveaway!


Many of you in the community know Christy Duke. If you do not, then friend her on Facebook or hunt her down to friend her in real life because she is an absolute jewel of a person.

She and her husband, John are dealing with the ravaging effects of bone cancer. It hit rather quickly and now, life has to be adjusted. One of these adjustments is a ramp so he can get in and out of the house, which is set very high up off the ground.

So, if you could please donate if you can, any little bit will help and/or forward the message on, it would be greatly appreciated.

Help Build John A Ramp!

In the spirit of charity… as we tend to do, I am promoting a Giveaway to help with the drive. Donate and mention the Make Me A Morgan giveaway or Rhys Ford, and you’ll be entered into a contest where ONE person will be chosen to be a Morgan cousin coming in from Ireland…. or somewhere in America if you want to be from Chicago or Indianapolis.

If you forward the message on, you can STILL enter by leaving a comment on the actual YouCaring page. Once again, mention Make Me A Morgan or Rhys Ford to be entered.

This cousin will be featured in Sin and Tonic, the final book in the Sinners Series. Contest will run until the end of the drive… or until the target goal is met. Whichever comes first.

Good luck. And Get Your Irish on.

33 thoughts on “Make Me A Morgan Giveaway!

  1. Steve Leonard

    I donated and I hope everybody else will, or will at least share the link. I can’t imagine something like this happening to me or one of my loved ones. My heart aches.

  2. I’ve already donated so can’t enter the competition but wanted to let you know I think it’s wonderful that you’re encouaging others to do so 💜

  3. elaine Downes

    I donated and was happy to do so, Everyone needs a helping hand at some stage. Well done Rhys for letting us know about this !

  4. Cappa

    Donated my drop in their bucket! I love these crowd funding sites, especially for something like treatments for a disease that can be so scary and isolating. Obviously the funding is critical, but feeling like you have a whole pack of people pulling for you goes a long way, too. I left a memo with my donation mentioning your post, but didn’t comment directly on the fundraiser as it requires a Facebook log in. Can I just mention here that I’m a real live redhead so I’d fit right in with the Morgan clan? 😀

    1. Every little bit helps And yes mentioning here or on the page or in the comments…all if it works. 😀 Winner will be TOTALLY randomly chosen.

  5. Geez!…here I thought being given notice to move out of the blue & scrambling to find an affordable place for 5 people & 4 cats was overwhelming😟
    I hope they only get good news!

  6. Heidi Smith

    Your getting the word out on these projects are great. I made my donation and I think being a Morgan would be awesome.

  7. isisrising4sandra

    I couldn’t turn this one away, not for the chance to be a Morgan (although that would be pretty amazingly kewl), but to help these people achieve something that is so necessary. I didn’t have a lot to spare, but had to donate.

  8. nordicgirl_2013

    I’ve already donated but failed to add a comment. I sincerely hope John and Christy receive all the help and support they need in these trying times! {{Hugs}}

  9. Cookie from Indy

    Rhys- You really are a wonderful friend. Happy to donate. (And if I win, I definitely want to be the Irish cousin from Indy 🙂

  10. Thanks for everything you’re doing to support Christy and John 🙂 Donated and will be keeping an eye on progress, I know we will make or exceed the goal, I have faith 🙂

  11. Denise Dechene

    I donated and shared in different social medias. I wish I could do more. I have been there and some people helped us. Prayers and thoughts to Christy and John.

  12. Sadonna

    Between this and S.A. Meade’s husband it seems like this group has been hit a lot lately. Positive thoughts and healing vibes for all – donations made and good wishes for all.for the best journey/outcomes possible.

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