Like A Girl…

This actually hits home for me in a lot of ways because I have been told too many time to count that I write “like a girl”.

Still not sure what that means. But yeah, I write like a girl. Because I AM a girl. And I try to kick ass every time.

20 thoughts on “Like A Girl…

  1. Sandra

    Huh. For some reason I thought you were male. My ability to identify gender from writing style is abysmal …. possibly because there’s no reliable connection between the two.

    1. Ah, if it makes you feel any better, I’m often told I’m a really SHITTY girl 😀

      I’ve come to accept and celebrate my… Rhysness 😀

  2. steelergrrl43

    I’ve always done everything like a girl, there’s a lot of girls in my family. And my grandfather who raised me who is a Vietnandam veteran and a 101st Airborne Ranger taught me that a girl can army crawl and can be a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and can wear dresses and carry purses and still be a kick-ass girl. I’ve always been proud to be a girl, throw like a girl, hit like a girl and I was always proud to bring the guys to their knees either because of how I looked or because of how I hit them.

  3. Mary

    Why is “writing like a girl” a bad thing? You are a girl so it must be a guy whining because you are a better writer than he.

      1. Mary

        I love your books! The detail that brings you into the book with the characters, the characters themselves that bring you back over and over again. Between Sinners Gin & Cole McGinnis we all wish they could go on & on. How will we go on without our fellas.

      1. Mary

        I suppose, but I can’t find the link, doesn’t seem to be one. Oh, well, nurtz!

  4. elaine Downes

    I love the way you write – and all girls rock – that’s what makes us the fascinating people we are. I read books because I love the story – the gender of the author is completely irrelevant to me – I admire the creativity that creates new worlds for me to explore and new characters – who doesn’t love Cole ???? HUGS

  5. Rachael

    You write like a poet and an artist. I love the way you bring scenes to life by painting them in such a vivid way that I can always visualize your worlds. I get completely caught up. In your stories. So just keep writing like you do.

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