So a funny thing happened on the way to fulfilling my “snack food” prize giveaway. Asian Food Grocer’s site went wonky and decided Fuck the prize winner, I’m sending the box to Rhys…. as a duplicate order.

I found out about this when I got a notice that a box was being shipped to my house. AND the other order was still sitting on the website, marked as ordered but not paid.

I’m a reasonable person. Mostly. Sometimes. When I call to discuss an issue, I don’t go into it with “YOU’VE DONE ME WRONG” attitude. That never is any way to go through life. I want to go in with a direction. Sadly…for all involved… that direction apparently was the box coming to my house because FedEx, in a spurt of work ethics, already had the box locked and loaded and headed to SD.

My original plan was to just slap a label on it and ship it to the prize winner, Karen. Box is way too fricking big to go Priority. So pretty much said, fuck it and ordered a new box. So… now I have a crap ton of snacky things at the house. *shakes head* Brought some in to work. Hope they all like Pocky.

12 thoughts on “Sighs….

  1. Leigh

    Sorry it was a pain for you, but I’m sure your coworkers will enjoy them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Jim and the kids are big fans of Pocky and Yan Yan (which Santa puts in their stockings) – they are a fun snack.

  2. Ardent Ereader

    ooo I’d love me some Pocky :). Now I have a craving, will have to make a trip to my Asian Grocery this weekend.

      1. *Hugs*… I hope your people enjoy the treats.
        You most definitely deserve a gold star or two for handling that situation with grace๐Ÿ˜Œ

  3. Patricia

    Your friends at work benefited and you are an example of how to shrug it off and keep going strong. Kudos.

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