11948483Restless Spirits by Jordan L. Hawk

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I have never hidden my love for Jordan L. Hawk’s writing. To do so would be like trying to keep the sun concealed under an umbrella. Not only would it be a neat trick, the umbrella would go up in flames. Just as it would trying to hide the sheer magnificence of Hawk’s writing.

Restless Spirits launches Hawk’s new series, Spirits and damn, what a great launch it is. Vincent and Henry are at odds, both philosophically, Henry is a scientist where Vincent is a spiritualist, and socially as Vincent is a Native American man during a time when being darker than a flushed beige relegated a person to the “lesser” column. However, Henry isn’t one to let social constructs guide his behaviour, not where race is concerned.

Homosexuality, during the heyday of an alternative universe’s Industrial Revolution , is a different matter altogether.

The story is a tightly knit, nearly single-room adventure reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. Caught in a paranormal mystery complete with murderous ghosts and stolen bits of forbidden love, Hawk crafts a damned good tale of scientific theory, spiritualism and simmering sexuality. This is definitely an origin story of a couple of men who first are at odds and then only find their footing when working together.

I’m looking so forward to seeing where we’re taken in the rest of this series. Fantastic writing, great characters and burgeoning tension as only Jordan L. Hawk can deliver.

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