8 thoughts on “Morning!

  1. Oh, this is lovely!

    Have you started using Zicam? I find that it really works if you start it early enough – shortens duration and lessens symptoms, but you have to start it as soon as you start to feel the ick and use it until you really feel better. I get the oral mist, since the zinc lozenges make me nauseated.

  2. elaine downes

    ooooh He is all long and lovely – I’d like to lick my way from his toes to his nose LOL Feel better – nothing worse than a sinus issue HUGS

  3. This is a gorgeous picture…long beautiful lines,light & shadow yep the model & photographer worked magic 😉

    Getting sick on a Holiday should not be allowed! I hope you feel better😷…Amy no doubt feels bad for sharing lol

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