Thanksgiving with the Morgans…. er Miki and Damie.

safe_imageIt’s About The Book is hosting a small ficlet called Wild Turkey. It features Miki and Damie… a short piece about Thanksgiving, family and what it’s like being with the Morgans on the Day of Feasting and Family.

You can find it here.

32 thoughts on “Thanksgiving with the Morgans…. er Miki and Damie.

  1. Omg…Blazing Saddles! *is lost in nostalgia*
    Yes thank you for another peek Rhys😊
    Hmm I think I woulda joined Sinjin on the widows walk…& I am afraid of heights o-0 I mean I love the Morgan’s! But all of them at once would be so MUCH! lol
    …fun to watch from a safe distance tho. Like maybe channel my inner cat.😺

  2. steelergrrl43

    Sounds about like Thanksgiving at my house except it’s football and no succotash, not eating that if you paid me. Honestly love anything with Sinjun and the gang in it!

  3. Dawn honeycutt

    Loved, loved, loved this!!!! Cannot wait for the next book in the series to come out!

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