It’s Okay I’m Asian….

I’d meant to share this… cause it was funny. And Lindsey Woolsey shared it with me, pretty much nudging my memory of it.

Most of the foods here… yeah, I eat. No on the balut. Sorry, nope. Don’t wanna. And a HUGE shout out to 99 Market, the mecca of all those hunting for natto, curried fish balls and vinacafe.

7 thoughts on “It’s Okay I’m Asian….

  1. Natalie

    we eat chicken feet here in the caribbean as well. i’ll eat them stewed but not pickled lol we also have pudding which is a kind of blood sausage i guess altho bleh i do not eat it either. and the spikey green fruit looks like what we call bread fruit here. which i also don’t really eat lol.

  2. Heh. We eat breadfruit. That spiky thing was durian which IS nasty. jackfruit is good. LOVE blood sausage. Portuguese blood sausage rules. I do like stewed chickens feet.

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