Duck Duck Ghost Giveaway! TWO DAYS ONLY!

Duck Duck Ghost


Do you want to read Duck Duck Ghost before its release?

Doesn’t that sound so egotistical? Like you’re WAITING for this thing to go live.

Let’s try that again.

Would you like to read this book I lovingly crafted out of my brain vomit and someone else’s nightmares?*

I hope you do.

Because NOW is your chance!

Leave a comment here about the thing that makes your skin crawl… any spooky or real object or creature. Tell me why! Even better!

What will that get you? A chance to win an ARC of Duck Duck Ghost! Winner will be drawn randomly on Aug 27th and ebook will be delivered WELL before its release date of Sept 8, 2014.  I will draw the winner during the time I dig around for the evening shot! Let’s say… 7 pm PST.

*No actual ghosts were harmed in the making of this book.

Duck Duck Ghost by Rhys Ford

Paranormal investigator Wolf Kincaid knows what his foot tastes like.

Mostly because he stuck it firmly in his mouth when his lover, Tristan Pryce, accidentally drugged him with a batch of psychotropic baklava. Needing to patch things up between them, Wolf drags Tristan to San Luis Obispo, hoping Tristan’s medium ability can help evict a troublesome spirit haunting an old farmhouse.

With Wolf’s sister handling Hoxne Grange’s spectral visitors, Tristan finds himself in the unique position of being able to leave home for the first time in forever, but Wolf’s roughshod treatment is the least of his worries. Tristan’s ad-hoc portal for passing spirits seems to be getting fewer and fewer guests, and despite his concern he’s broken his home, Tristan agrees to help Wolf’s cousin, Sey, kick her poltergeist to the proverbial curb.

San Luis Obispo brings its own bushel of troubles. Tristan’s ghost whispering skill is challenged not only by a terrorizing haunting but also by Wolf’s skeptical older cousin, Cin. Bookended by a pair of aggressive Kincaids, Tristan soon finds himself in a spectral battle that threatens not only his sanity but also his relationship with Wolf, the first man he’s ever loved.

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85 thoughts on “Duck Duck Ghost Giveaway! TWO DAYS ONLY!

  1. Susan Cosnick

    Earwigs are my most hated creepy crawly. They are ugly and show up in multiples and are just gross.

  2. DebraG

    Creepy for me is lots of cobwebs. They never seem to go away once they are on you. I am also not fond of bats.

  3. The one thing that can make my skin crawl is to have someone come up behind me and only when they are very close do I realize they are there. My spine stiffens and a chill goes up my back from tail to nape, making it impossible to turn my head.

  4. Cathy R

    What scares me? Years ago I spent the night with my grandmother. I heard someone open the kitchen door and walk in. I am convinced it was my grandfather (who died the year before). Still scary because he not a nice man. The other thing I used to worry about was snakes!

  5. Jen CW

    Centipedes and millipedes make my skin crawl. They have so many legs and are so fast that it’s hard to kill them if you don’t see them soon enough. Just gross.

  6. What makes my skin crawl, it would have to be anything that stings, bees, wasps, scorpions, bumble bees and so on…
    Why? Because I stepped on a wasp when I was 5 and barefoot, right in the arch. It got infected… OUCH

  7. Ely Ve

    would it be completely facetious of me to say that politics makes my skin crawl??? Because it really, really does!

    But… if we’re going for yelling in a high pitched voice, I’d say… any insect. Insects scare the ever loving crap out of me to the point where I have a can of raid in every room in my home just in case I’m attacked by any creepy crawly. (DON’T JUDGE ME! LOL)

  8. bastdazbog

    The thing that creeps me out the most is the feeling of being watched when you know that you are alone. That burning feeling you get between your shoulder blades, and that metallic taste you get in the back of your mouth, and all of it makes you hesitate to turn around in case there actually is someone there. There never is – at least not a corporeal someone anyway…seriously, it is the creepiest feeling to feel like you are not alone. *shudders*

  9. Miranda P

    Bugs, mice, spiders, snakes, etc. It’s not the things themselves because they don’t really creep me out if they are dead. It’s the way they move that whole slither, skitter, scurry thing eww.

  10. Sarina Feuerbach

    I don’t care how cliche it might be but spiders do it for me; I have reasons, though! I got up from sleeping a few weeks ago and when I relocated and sat down I felt something weird…looked down to see a spider crawl out the bottom of my pants leg. I’m surprised my scream didn’t break the glasses in the kitchen. *shudders*

  11. Critters coming out of the toilet. I always thought finding a snake in the toilet would be the most awful thing in the world…until my niece realized she’d just peed on a bat. :O

  12. Kim W

    When I went to college in Houston I lived in the most squalid house ever. There were cockroaches that were three inches long. And they flew! They were so big that you could hear them land on your furniture or the ground. Ugh!

  13. Allison

    Millipedes because they are just wrong. They are somehow mechanical and biological and even the thought of them makes me slightly queasy.

  14. Glenda deKruif

    The dark creepy place under my bed. When I was little I was terrified of it and even at 58 I still have to brace myself to go under there.

  15. val barden

    Spiders!! Creepy scuttling, drop in your hair,hidingin your bed small and large spiders! And worst of all quarter size wolf spiders that leap at their prey with long hairy legs and visable fangs! Uuuggggg!!

  16. I’ve got the vine phobia that ate New York. Even Groot bothered me [wry g], and I basically shuddered my way driving across the South a few years ago because of the kudzu.

  17. Antonia

    Spiders! I hate them. I lived in an apartment when I was in school that was infested with the things. They were everywhere, dropping out of the sky, scurrying out of corners, in my bed, in my shoes…ugh. I’m getting creeped out just thinking about them!

  18. Penumbra

    Have you ever read Dune? There was the leader of the Harkonens. He put a valve in each of the slaves hearts. Then for the hell of it, he’d plug the valve and the person would die. On the movie version. I believe he plugged and artery in the slave’s neck, and when he unplugged it, the slave was dying and he’d hump the dying slave, getting off on the death. It still makes me so freaking sick *puke* 🙁

  19. MaryV

    Scaley things…holey things…we’ll holes with stuff in them or popping out of them. Ever see that toad that gives birth through its skin? Malaysian, maybe….makes me itch, think that’s my skin….makes me nauseous. Ugh just thinking about it makes me wanna narf! And yet I’m fascinated a bit….*shudder*

  20. Spiders seem to be a common response to this type of question, but the thing that gets me is crabs — particularly fiddler crabs! They’re like spiders to me (8 legs) with an added dry rasp to their movement, and, yeah, they’re not liable to drop on my head while I’m asleep (*SHUDDER*) but sometimes when we go to nature preserve-type places with the kids there are HUNDREDS of them, making that skittery noise on all those legs and they’re *everywhere* and if you’re not on a boardwalk they’re all around your feet & it’s making my skin crawl just thinking about it!


  21. Spiders that move super fast and are bigger than a quarter make my skin crawl. I’m so not a screamer normally but if I see a spider like that I may let out a good scream.

  22. beth

    Big spiders make my skin crawl and scream really loud. My niece posted on Facebook one she found in her basement. It was so big you could put a leash on it and take it for a walk

  23. Sharon Cox

    Like many I hate spiders but I have a real problem because I hate killing things. My problem – how do I get rid if the spider without killing it? I have caught them in a jar but this makes me shudder as I have to get close to them to catch them.
    Spiders can also jump, if you didn’t know. Creepy!

  24. Jane

    I hate spiders. I used to have nightmares about them when I was a kid. No spider lives very long around me.

  25. Colette

    Heights really freak me out. Worse is someone standing behind me when I’m somewhere high.

  26. Cockroaches, those buggers just give me the biggest case of the creeps. One reason is b/c when I was around 10-11 one was crawling up my dress, and second is b/c when I was a teenager (due to a full house and very few beds) I ended up sleeping on the floor of my grandmother’s house most of the time, and I was fearful of them crawling-you know-places. Just thinking about them is giving me the shivers….ugh. Gotta go see some cuteness now.

  27. Amanda B

    Clowns. In any form not only seriously creep me put, but have been known to induce nightmares (to the hilarity of my family). Something about grown people with those creepy (potential serial killer) fake smiles on their faces.

  28. Janet Black

    I am ok with snakes and spiders…..yeah kinda yuck but not creepy. Creepy is noises in an empty house at 3 am and I am the only one home. Wind and traffic vibrations can convince me that there is company in the house…….and I have to go and check every room…..I really have to stop reading half the night away…then scaring myself.

  29. gamistress66

    would love to read duck duck ghost early! 🙂 snakes & large creepy crawlies give me the eeby jeebies as well as most horror movies which is why i haven’t tried watch one since i was a teen

  30. jenf27

    I have a terrible anxiety/fear of heights – even when other people go near the edges of heights or look over a rail. I feel like I am having a heart attack or am going to vomit. 🙁

  31. Tiny feet. I don’t mean like ‘oh you have small feet.’ I mean like creatures with super super super tiny feet. Ever seen cartoons and such where things are drawn with basically just sharp points for feet? What the heck is that!? You can’t walk on points for toes! That’s just creepy and weird and it makes my skin crawl. If I saw something walking towards me like that…I would shudder.

  32. Patti Anne

    Driving on the interstate in heavy rain and getting passed by big trucks that throw so much water on your windshield, you’re blinded. Ya know? You’re going 55-60 and you Can. Not. See. Total loss of feeling like you have any control of that rolling hunk of metal you’re in, and goodness only knows what all the others are doing. Ewwww. Ugh. Eeeek.

  33. Waxapplelover

    Any bug or spider is creepy to me. Since I live in a warm area, we see our fair share of roaches, so those are particularly hated and feared. 🙂

  34. Jinai

    Alice in Wonderland – very creepy. 2nd runner up was Willy Wonka – just can’t watch!

  35. HBIC

    So many things make my skin crawl, but the one with a reason behind it is scorpions. When I was a preteen I was doing my daily thing; I showered, dried off, put on my robe, and wiped the steam off the mirror so I could see my hair to brush it. First thing I saw in that reflection was ascorpion on the collar of my robe just beside my neck. Let’s just say it was good we didn’t have close neighbors because I dropped that robe and ran naked and screaming out the front door to find a parent to go deal with it. Lol

  36. Rachael

    Noises I can’t identify, especially late at night, like the sound of footsteps creeping down the hall. I break out in a cold sweat every f*ing time. I always have to search the whole house just to make sure I dreamed it. Sometimes I even make my hubby search with me. Paranoid crazy shared helps.

  37. Spiders! Totally irrational but they are my biggest ick. I resent this so I buy my nieces fun entomology picture books so they won’t have my irrational spider hangup!

  38. Centipedes. Seriously, I will run screaming into the night if I see one. They terrify me because nothing, nothing is supposed to have that many legs. Nothing.

  39. JS

    I remember the first time my parents let me stay home by myself, I started thinking about the window in our door that led from the kitchen to the garage. I started thinking about seeing a face in the window and scared myself silly. Sometimes I still think about it and a chill goes up my spine!

  40. Ruth

    what really, really creeps me out is anything to do with teeth – like when a kid twists a loose tooth, or there is a show of someone trying to pull a tooth, or if someone does some stunt and knocks out a tooth….I don’t even like writing this because now I am thinking about it.
    Just to feel normal I will also add that cockroaches and centipedes also give me the heebie jeebies.

  41. Lisa G

    Maggots – they are just about the creepiest, vilest things ever. Someone told me a story about a vending machine sandwich and maggots and I have never forgotten it – that was 30 years ago.

  42. Maite Suppes

    Roaches make my skin crawl and if it’s roaches with wings then you will hear me scream like a little girl.

  43. Wendy

    Pigeons, when I was little my grandparents lived on a farm with no indoor toilet and I managed to get locked in said toilet one eve with a pigeon, by the time my dad found me I was pretty freaked out. It’s rather embarrassing when I’m walking down my local high street and pigeon dodging as my girls call it as I tend to freak a little if they get too close

  44. Snakes! Super phobic but centipedes make me skin crawl and the smell of old flower vase water. That smell just takes me back to when my mom died and freaks me out.

  45. I’m fine with spiders for the most part, but scorpions just freak me the hell out! My sister lives in Phoenix, and when I went to visit her some years ago, we were leaving the house early for a day trip to Vegas when I almost put my hand right on one on the door jamb as I was closing the door. I yelped and jumped and she went to get the cricket bat she uses as a scorpion smasher. Started the day off with a bang, to say the least.

    Oh, and earwigs. ::shudder::

  46. Barbra

    Spiders are at the top of my list. If it’s big enough to count the legs I’m outta there. 🙂

  47. The thing that creeps me out the most is when I am at home alone and suddenly the air pressure changes as if someone has walked into the room but there isn’t anyone there.

  48. PABaker

    We had a “Laugh and Learn Puppy” for my now 10 year old that would start spewing music and talking when no one was near it. It did NOT have a motion sensor or a light sensor. The worst was the creepy giggle that would fill the house in the middle of the night. That thing was “donated” with extreme prejudice!

  49. Tanya

    Spiders and Centipedes. ‘shudders” Both of them creep me out. I have a totally irrational reaction to even the tiniest spider.

  50. Spiders, wasps, all kinds of bugs, sure. But honestly I think the creepiest thing I ever saw was the damn Burger King king. That thing gave me the heebie-jeebies. I’m glad those commercials didn’t stick around long!

  51. Ok mine is not original, but I have to go with clowns. They are freaking evil! *shudders* …Tim Curry & his version of IT scared the crap out of me. I am just saying…

  52. Rita

    I’m a girl so most creepy crawlies make my skin crawl. But. Over and above that has got to be when I’m in the water (lake, stream, ocean) and ‘something’ brushes against my leg or trunk…. Suddenly in my mind the ‘Jaws’ theme song plays out as I run out of the water…… Yupppers. After Shark week, that includes all fresh water bodies too.

  53. Elaine McMichael

    tree frogs landing on you when you don’t expect it… Clammy little feet smack you. Yeah I jump & scream like a little girl.

  54. Geraldine

    Broad beans, ughhhhh. Don’t know if you call them something different, but like peaches they are wrapped in furry outer skins that affect me like nails on a blackboard. Oh, and like almost everyone else, skittery things like spiders.

  55. June M.

    Spiders!!! I absolutely hate them. They just have too many legs, move too fast, you never know where they’ll be, and they’re just creepy.

  56. Marcine

    Rats the size of cats. I was sharing an apartment with my sister during college and I turned around to see a kitten NOT! It was a huge rat that had come in via the dryer vent opening that wasn’t properly covered.

  57. Caer Jones

    Dolls. Especially porcelain dolls. MOST especially the delicate porcelain girl dolls with big eyes and sausage curls and taffeta dresses and mary janes. And if their eyes open and close when you move them? *shudder* That’s the WORST. Those innocent cherub faces are masks for the PURE EVIL lurking within, and those full skirts are hiding knives small enough for their little porcelain hands to comfortably hold but big enough to kill me in my sleep. Because I KNOW they’re awake when I’m sleeping. Watching. Plotting. Why the Toy Story series didn’t get an “R” rating I’ll NEVER understand. And I’ve got no idea why I think this, except that I always have. I think I had a doll in my cradle and it traumatized me.

    Lesser things that creep me out? Clowns (I saw IT and Poltergeist in the same week when I was way too young). Pregnant women (because I keep watching in horrified silence for the Alien to pop out like the worst stripper cake EVER). People who don’t read (because my brain simply can’t process that). And discordant music (because that’s just not right).

  58. Victoria L.

    Crickets and grasshoppers REALLY give me the willies (screaming one’s at that). Sure I hate spiders as much as anyone, but I’ll put my big girl panties in and kill them, crickets and grasshoppers though, uh uh, no way….big girl panties aren’t present. I leave a road runner like cloud of “I’m GONE”!!! 😉

  59. Linda DuQue'

    Flying roaches! I had one crawl on my arm while asleep in the dive I lived in during college. It still creeps me out twenty years later.

  60. Otila

    I love scary movies but I still can’t watch The Exorcist by myself or in the dark. *shudders*

  61. Wow, what an awesome response you have received and insects and crawlies are certainly creepy things. Hmm makes me wonder if you are looking for new story inspiration? I am not fond of clowns, ouija boards, slugs, dolls – especially old china dolls & those new life like ones that look like babies, rats, people that spit, portraits where the eyes seem to watch you, plus a few more

  62. Brenda L

    Your in the house, it’s late no one else is there and than you hear it just a small noise nothing really surprising an every day noise a squeak. But you’re alone and the noise isn’t the house settling it’s something different. You sit up in bed straining to hear, yeah it’s just a squeak in the hall…by the stairs….it comes again. It’s an old house, houses are noisy things but at night it is quiet, it’s just a squeak!!!

  63. JoJo

    We have a recent bug addition to our area called cricket spiders. Ok, before these buggers came along, spiders never bothered me. But these things? They stand tall on 8 really long legs…and they jump! Like 3 feet high! You try to kill one and the next thing you know, it’s on your arm. Or in your bedsheets. And!!! They’re so big they leave droppings like mice! So gross. Where did these things come from, and make them go away! They are sooo creepy. Also, thanks fellow Rhys fans for introducing me to FLYING roaches. Like crawling on counters isn’t bad enough, we have to worry about one landing in our hair?

  64. elaine downes

    I have the usual yuckies for spiders, rats, etc. However, for me, the worst thing is the automated car washes – totally, totally freaks me out so much so that I have to bribe a friend to take my car through the wash in Winter (think lots of road salt in snowy Canada) and then buy him lunch. However, one time, my car had a push button starter and I got out with the key fob and walked away. He went though the card wash and turned the engine off. He had to walk though the water to get the key fob from me -hilarious !

  65. StephanieS

    Rats/mice. Saw the movie “Ben” when I was much younger. I was totally creeped out and still am today.

  66. Roaches!! Creep me out! I can take spiders, bugs and mice but Roaches…ewww. *shiver* Maybe it’s because of when I was in college, our apartment had them and I woke up with them on me, And mirrors, I don’t like mirrors. Has nothing to do with being a vampire. I’ve seen too many shows and movies in passing *because I don’t watch horror* People coming out of mirrors creeps me out, I can’t wait for this book!

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  68. Samantha Page

    Clowns freak me out or anything in a costume where I can’t see the real face (like mascots). I’m a teacher but once had to run out of an assembly because the head teacher brought in a flippin 6foot tall clown in full make up! Eurgggh, now that’s spooky!!

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