7 thoughts on “Run Like A Girl…

  1. Thank you for sharing that.It addresses an issue that has bugged me. Somehow it’s almost become a cultural thing to put down or tease someone by saying they do whatever like a girl :/…. Yes even I have said it & then kicked myself, because how messed up is it when we do this? When did it become the norm to state being female = lesser? Sadder …when did we all at some level come to believe its true? I mean why else is it still being said?

  2. Sandy

    I have a sister and niece who run marathons and are training for a triathalon. I wish I could run like those girls!

  3. Elf

    That was amazing! I once had a guy say I hit like girl. I missed the first swing he had a bloody nose the second swing. (I was being bullied in high school.)

  4. Patricia

    Nobody has to educate MY granddaughter who is four. Her father and mother do a great job. She runs like herself and she’s awesome. Now she’ll be training her two newborn brothers. How to do — everything — like a girl. 😉

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