8 thoughts on “People Eating “Exotic” Asian Food

  1. Can I just say that 2 Asians who reacted so negatively to to almost all food are both hipocrites, what race are they anyway?
    Anyhoo I’m an Asian but i don’t eat durian and balut, too😊 that chicken feet is delicious mom can cooked it for us, cooked it as adobo and partner it with rice, πŸ‘ yum

    1. Heh. I don’t eat balut or durian either. Natto I can choke down but chicken feet are good. I think it all depends on what you grow up with. I love SPAM–which is Hawai’i’s fave but most people would rather eat balut than SPAM *grins*.

      They could also be very Americanized. I worked with a Chinese guy … third gen… who’d never eaten char siu.

  2. Different strokes… As a kid growing up in England I ate things like blood sausage, faggot, ox tail, ox tongue, chicken organs, etc. Wouldn’t touch any of that now! There was a reason I became a vegetarian at 14. I’m not anymore but was for 21 years. πŸ™‚ I love the wonderful assortment of foods available in melting pot SF Bay Area as long as they are without the squickiness.

  3. Joy Walker Hall

    I like chicken feet, but the rest was just…….wrong. Balut eek. Do you really think Asians who grew up with all that really eat it now when there are sooooo many better things to eat?

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