So, I’m in St. Petersburg, Florida…and FOOD

Mostly for visiting family and then friends during Rainbow Con. My days are stacked up with lunches and dinners, mostly of my own doing and God I wish I had more time. And a bit less heat. It’s a wee bit muggy but nothing AC can’t take care of.

I wanted to give a round of applause for the food we’ve had so far. There is zoom.

Pork schnitzel with meat and spinach perogi

Poppyseed sweet cheese cake

Cracker bread and Indian pickled onion

Aloo Tikki


Chicken Tikka Masala

Lamb Kourma


kimchi jeon







4 thoughts on “So, I’m in St. Petersburg, Florida…and FOOD

  1. Patricia

    Superlative!!! I’m stuck with Applebee’s tonight!!! Have a blast in St. Pete and relish all that marvelous food. Love those pictures!

  2. I love Bibimbap and all the condiments (banchan). I haven’t had that in a couple of years, that and Japchae. Can’t wait till I go home. I love all the food you show in your website.

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