Yeah. I didn’t want to get out of bed either. But ah, the dogs need to go potty, the cat needs insulin and these books don’t write themselves. Coffee however was brewed and I’m almost done with this “bonus” book on my schedule.

Dirty Deeds hits the world for general release in two days. And oddly enough, I’ll be starting Bobby’s book right after that. *grins* Ah, Bobby.


13 thoughts on “Morning!

  1. ruslana

    I have to say that I enjoy ass a lot!!! ok that didn’t come out right but I don’t care!! yummy!!!

  2. Devony

    Hmmm and it’s a rainy day here. I would definitely crawl back into bed…my goodness what a nice view *admires view*

      1. Devony

        The rain made it down your way? Awesome! Won’t help enough for the draught, but more rain helps.

  3. Lisa

    It’s cloudy and rainy here, but that pic definitely brightens things up. 🙂

    Have my copy of Dirty Deeds pre-ordered and I’m just counting down the hours. Can’t wait to see what you do to Bobby. 😉

  4. Joy

    Yes, lots of snuggling possibilities here……. Looking forward to Bobby’s book. Can’t wait to see him get hit with the love bug (although I think he still has a little crush on Cole). Can’t wait for Dirty Deeds!

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