Pictures my mother sends me….

They are smoking octopus today. I was all…. mmmmmmm tasty.

Then I thought, huh. I get tentacles in my email. From my mom. *grins*

8 thoughts on “Huh.

  1. Patricia

    I have no problem with the cockroach of the sea (lobster) but tentacles? Just can’t get past the sucker pad thingies. But if I close my eyes and taste it????? Maybe!

  2. Venecia

    Tentacle food porn from your mom. 😀
    I have never had smoked octopus before. How do they prepare it after it’s smoked?

      1. Venecia

        We don’t smoke food down here. I wonder why? I’ll have to do some investigating. There is a lot of grilling on locally made charcoal, but I don’t think I have ever seen a smoker.

      2. Smoked meat is great. It’s where you get ham. Nothing like doing a sugar rub and smoking a chunk of pork. Or even chicken. You can totally marinate the meat… even fish.. then smoke it.

  3. Venecia

    Maybe it’s because we do not have all those fragrant woods that the US has. But they smoke with liquid smoke also don’t they? How does that work?

    1. You actually can buy wood for smoking. It comes in chips. And you throw water on it 😀 My mom has naturally grown wood but a lot of people buy smoke chips.

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