WOOOOOT TJ and Eric’s House!

Eric and I spent all day making plans for our new house. What we are going to keep. What we are going to change. When it is acceptable to start decorating for Christmas this year since the last one was taken from us (I said July, he said maybe August. I count that as a win). Today was a good day.

11 thoughts on “WOOOOOT TJ and Eric’s House!

  1. Devony

    Sweet! They must be pretty happy this played out so quickly.Funny how things fall into place some times right? 😉 Congrats to the new homeowners…I am hoping for many happy memories to come for them both in their new abode.

  2. Elorie

    The house looks great! Be sure and tell us all the things you do. The decorations, how you set up the furniture. This is so exciting. I cant wait to see how it looks in all of its stages. This is going to be such fun for you and us.

      1. Elorie

        Oh yes and it looks like it will be easily converted for some of the special needs. I am so glad that they found it.

  3. Leisa

    What a lovely home! I know they’ll make many, many happy memories there! Such a hopeful step toward the future … <3

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