6 thoughts on “Kids… Meeting a Rotary Phone

  1. Devony

    *giggles*…OMG the phone that Alexander Graham Bell made?! That kid is darn cute in his earnestness but now I feel ancient.
    …Gonna go find a corner to cry in now! Or maybe giggle some more 😉

  2. Sadonna

    So funny! I loved the little one who said she’d be sitting in a corner crying if she had to use that phone. My mom still had all the rotary phones in her house until about 10 years ago. She finally wanted internet so she had to get touch tone dialing! And she bitched and moaned because it cost extra for touch tone 😀 You would think she grew up during the Depression. But her mother did grow up during the Depression and she was even worse. She had every margarine container she’d ever bought, every rubber band from her daily newspaper and even reused bread bags 😉 If you’ve ever seen the Albert Brooks movie Mother, that was my grandma – right down to the government cheese.

  3. Patricia

    Two decades ago we watched a little kid try to use our rotary phone…hilarious. And we didn’t own cell phones at that time…..

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