Fireside Chat with Amy Lane, Charlie Cochet and Rhys Ford! Feb 22


Dreamspinner Press is having a Fireside Chat on
February 22, 2014 at 5 pm EST! (2 pm PST for me)!

I have the honour of being a part of a new Dreamspinner event called a Fireside Chat. It will be hosted on Google Hangouts by Ariel Tachna and feature Amy Lane, Charlie Cochet and me, Rhys Ford. I’ll be posting a link to the live chat as soon as I get it and it will be available on Youtube shortly afterwards.

What do I need from you? How about some questions? For any of the authors! We’ll be answering fan questions, maybe doing some readings and I’m debating moving one of the pictures in my living room so I can hang my jackalope head behind me. His name is Buck. He’s very lovely.

Leave your questions here at the DSP blog or below and I’ll forward them on… they can be for any of the authors! Come for Amy’s funny stories! Marvel at how adorable Charlie is! See how sleekly elegant Ariel is!

Hope to see you there!

Video of the prior chat featuring SJD Peterson, Jaime Samms, and B.G. Thomas

Once again, Questions here!

6 thoughts on “Fireside Chat with Amy Lane, Charlie Cochet and Rhys Ford! Feb 22

  1. devony31

    Sweet!…I am not familiar with Charlie, but you & Amy are 2 of my favorites so I look forward to this! 🙂

    1. Having been born and raised in some very sketchy parts of Hawai’i, I’m probably never going to base a book there. 😀 Too close to home *laughs* And really, there’s only so many beach scenes one can write. And having sex on lava is damned dangerous!

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