State of the Rhys Jan 2014

7bdHere is the State of the Rhys


Much happenings.

Too much.

Many things.

Let’s see… let’s go series by series, shall we?

Dirty Series, the Cole McGinnis Mysteries

Dirty_Deeds_CoverDirty Deeds will be out on March 28th, 2014. The next book in the series will be Down and Dirty, out later this year. Down and Dirty will be Bobby and Ichi’s book. I’m still contemplating if I will write this in Bobby first person or double POV between Bobby and Ichi third person.

In audiobook news, the Dirty series’ narrator has been chosen and contracted. I really liked what he did and his voice choices were good. I’ll let you know when things get going on that and the audiobooks are released.

The Devils Brew Rhys Ford CoverTequila Mockingbird is finished and contracted with Dreamspinner. It will be out in June 2014 but before then, The Devil’s Brew will be out first. It is a short Miki and Kane novella that leads into Tequila Mockingbird.

I’ve started the next Hellsinger Novel, Duck Duck Ghost. It features Wolf and Tristan. Will I be bringing Cin in later? Yes. Because really, he needs his own book.

Speaking of paranormal, I do have another paranormal project with a favourite author of mine. I actually have to talk to her about when we can discuss it. But that’s on the horizon. A couple of projects really. But ah, I want to start it before I begin doing the happy release info dance

Clockwork TangerineClockwork Tangerine! Ah, steampunk. Sorta. Really, it’s mostly a romance set in a steampunky environment. It’s about Marcus and Robin and how they find love in one another. That’s out February 19th. It’s a little bit different but I really enjoyed the lushness of it.

Okay, anything else I’m forgetting? Anything you all wanna know?

33 thoughts on “State of the Rhys Jan 2014

  1. i’m so happy for you ^^ i still hope to see the Dirty series turn into a tv show or a webdrama or anything to bring visuals to your words ^^ go go go 2014!!

  2. Bine

    So much going on… so excited!
    Can’t wait for the McGinnis audiobooks, just heard the Sinner’s audiobooks. Enjoyed them immensely! Thank you.

  3. Renee

    One more vote for more Kai!! Any way you want to share him will be great! Can’t wait for the rest of your projects.

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