Eric Update

TJ Writes: On my way to the hospital this morning, I told myself I wouldn’t cry. I told Eric when I got there that I wouldn’t cry. Of course, when they said it was time to go, I failed miserably. He smiled at me and told me it was going to be okay. I know it will. It was still hard.

I’m taking a few days off, so if you don’t hear from me on here with an update, it is nothing to worry about. I’ll have one of the Crack Crew relay a message if it is important. I need to shut down for a bit and recharge. Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far. You’re a big part of how we’ve kept going.

Update: Half an hour ago: Eric made it to the new hospital in Ohio where his mom and aunt were waiting. He’s doing good. I will talk with you all soon.

9 thoughts on “Eric Update

  1. Devony

    Wish I could give T.J. A hug 🙁 *sighs*
    I am glad Eric is safely in a better hospital tho.

  2. Leisa

    I’m also relieved that Eric is in a better hospital, but poor Tj’s pain is palatable. It’s all just so damned unfair …

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