TJ and Eric Thoughts

If there is one thing I’ve learned through this whole ordeal with Eric, it’s that people as a whole are kind and good. Specifically people that don’t know us personally.

TJ Writes: When I came home the first time a few days after Eric was taken to the hospital in Richmond, I found flowers on our doorstep. Our next door neighbors, a middle aged couple with kids, had left them there with a note saying they had seen us leave in the ambulance a few days before and they hoped everything was okay. I was very touched and wrote them a small thank you note.

I got home from work today, and as I was going in the house, the father was coming out. He asked if Eric was okay, and I ended up spilling more than I planned to. He listened and when I was finished, he said “Everything is going to be okay. God has blessed you both.”

I don’t know if I believe in God, but I will forever believe that people are good. It’s that gesture and the ones made by all of you with your words and donations that have kept us afloat during all of this. I will never be able to thank you enough.

8 thoughts on “TJ and Eric Thoughts

  1. Devony

    Dang it! *sniffs*… He made me tear up.
    It’s good we get reminders that people can be caring & sometimes it takes complete strangers reaching out to clarify things & somehow help your world stop spinning quite so fast…it helps just to know folks love you just because.
    Gah!…*reaches for kleenex*

  2. Leisa

    TJ is an amazing person – so determined and committed to Eric and their life together. I’m so thankful that our little community of “strangers” has formed a circle of support and caring around them!

  3. Renee

    I believe that people are basically good. It is only a little surprising to me that a complete group of strangers, some who have nothing more in common with TJ and Eric than being fans of their writing, have come together to support them, financially and with words and deeds. I’m glad I was able to help contribute and hope that my words and prayers will continue to be helpful. God bless both Eric and TJ.

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