TJ and Eric Update Dec 28

TJ Posted:

Busy day. Eric had his MRI last night. We haven’t gotten the results from it yet, but the neuro doesn’t seem worried.

Since the surgery was on his brain stem, there is swelling there, which in effect has caused decreased sensation in his arms and legs. He can feel me touching his left arm but can’t move it. He won’t be able to until the swelling subsides.

He will be moved to a new hospital in Richmond next week to work on getting him off the ventilator. After that, he should be moved to a rehab location. We hope to find one at home.

While the surgery was a success, it was a single step in a much longer journey. He has his good days and his bad days. We both do. But I count every single day as a win because we have come this far already. And while we still have a ways to go, I know in my heart he is going to be just fine.

6 thoughts on “TJ and Eric Update Dec 28

  1. Devony

    Why do I feel the need to get them some cheerleaders? *shakes head*
    Good days & bad are so to be expected…I really wish there was more we could do help keep them up you know? But they are together & that’s a Happy thought to keep up them flying.
    Gah!…I always end up babbling lol Just wanted let the boys know they are still getting the love & heals sent their way.

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