I’m Chatting at Dreamspinner’s Facebook Page Today


I’ll be taking over Dreamspinner’s Facebook page today from 9 am to Noon PST. Come join me! I’ll be doing giveaways and um… readings. My voice is shot so we’re going to see if I can get / beg one of the San Diego Crewe to do the reading for Tequila Mockingbird.

Really, drunken goose being strangled. That’s what I’m sounding like today.

In celebration of the chat and Fish and Ghost’s release, Dreamspinner is offering a special discount code! Use this code to get 25% off of Fish and Ghosts and all urban fantasy. Code only good for this weekend, Dec 28 and 29!

The code is: RhysFB.

I’m told it is case sensitive so be sure to type it in correctly.

Join me here at 9 am PST! https://www.facebook.com/dreamspinnerpress


6 thoughts on “I’m Chatting at Dreamspinner’s Facebook Page Today

  1. Devony

    Hope you feel better soon!..too bad pixel chicken soup wouldn’t do the trick;P I’d send ya some 🙂

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