Morning…but something different.

1503864_464494220328021_909757295_nMorning…but something different.

Two of the sweetest men need our help.

Whether it be a prayer, a wish, a note of good recovery or if you can, a few dollars to Eric’s fund, please send them along.

Anything you need, Tj Klune and Eric Arvin. *hugs*

Eric’s Medical fund link:

A thank you from TJ.

11 thoughts on “Morning…but something different.

  1. Louise

    All the <3. I love how tight the m/m community is; open minds and open hearts. Writers and readers coming together to help two of our own.

  2. I cannot watch the video without crying.
    It breaks my heart to see this beautiful couple go through this.I’ll be praying for them and hopefully Eric will recover ASAP.

  3. Andrea M

    I contributed this morning and thought I was sad – and then I just saw this video – if I ever stop crying, I’ll have to rethink the definition of sad. They were so very happy such a short time ago.

  4. secretobcession1

    TJ’s heart felt Thank You brought tears to my eyes too. What a amazing amount of money raised so far. WOW. It’s a great feeling to have writers & fans come together to help one of our own. Huggs to TJ and to Eric…Get Well Wishes. Stay strong guys!

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