Caring for Eric Arvin…

de8256a2-c32f-4eb7-9754-1975c53b318d_profileFor many of those in the M/M Romance community, Eric Arvin and TJ Klune are a familiar pair of faces. They have, in essence, shared their lives with us as they’ve met, loved and during last GRL, became engaged.

Recently, TJ moved to Virginia and Eric joined him there, setting up house and recently, drowning the state in very sweet adorable affection and with TJ in charge, Christmas decorations.

However, a couple of days ago, life handed Eric and TJ a serious curve ball and right now, Eric is spending part of his first Holiday season with TJ in the hospital. He is seriously ill and while all of us support him in spirit, we ask if you can find a few dollars to help with this wonderful man’s medical bills. They are extensive and will probably be even more so before this is done.

My prayers and best wishes are with both of them in this time. Much love to you both, guys. You deserve every bit of happiness this season and forever beyond.

Contribute link: Medical Fund for Eric Arvin.



23 thoughts on “Caring for Eric Arvin…

  1. Bonnie

    I am amazed and so happy that the amount raised for Eric and TJ is rising so fast. The love and support for two such beautiful people really make me believe that people are good.

    1. They love one another so much. I think we all just want them to know things will be okay and to concentrate on Eric getting well. *hugs*

  2. Roxanne

    Donated. But would also like to know if there is a place we can send cards, flowers, care packages etc.?

  3. Donnerhall


    And your country need to start providing healthcare for all citizens regardless of their income. This is a basic human right when living in a country that’s rich enough.

    1. Oh there’s so much of a mess on that. It’s supposed to kick in Jan 1…. universal healthcare is a very odd thing in this country.

      And thank you.

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