Goodreads M/M Romance Nominations


I have had the greatest of gifts from all of you in the nominations of my books in Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s 2013 awards. Really, I cannot even begin to come up with enough thank yous. I am blessed to be in a fabulous group of authors whom I love and adore…and will break their kneecaps… oh wait, wrong brain. See? Mysteries. So much violence.

In all seriousness, thank you and really, I am in the middle of such greatness. Awestruck by the inclusion. Thank you.

Go vote for your favourites here!  And please, read as many on the lists as you can…there are some kick ass books on there.

Goodreads M/M Romance Nominations

Favorite All Time M/M Author

Favorite All Time M/M Romance Book (Sinner’s Gin)

Favorite All Time M/M Series (Cole McGinnis Mysteries)

Best Action/Suspense/Adventure (genre) (Sinner’s Gin, Whiskey and Wry)

Best Alternate Universe (Genre) (Black Dog Blues)

Best Book of the Year (Sinner’s Gin, Whiskey and Wry)

Best Contemporary (genre) (Whiskey and Wry)

Best Established Couples (themes) (Cole and Jae – Dirty Laundry)

Best Fantasy (genre) (Black Dog Blues)

Best Hurt/Comfort (themes) (Sinner’s Gin)

Best Mystery/Whodunit (genre) (Sinner’s Gin)

Best Performance Arts (Musicians/Dancers/Actors) (professions) (Sinner’s Gin, Whiskey and Wry)

Best Title  (Sinner’s Gin, Whiskey and Wry)

11 thoughts on “Goodreads M/M Romance Nominations

  1. Elf

    There was so many great choices. I did vote for you in a buch of categories. In my opion Black dog blues wasn’t in enough categories. It was hands down my absolute favorite book of the year!

  2. Denni

    I voted…for Rhys & Jordan! I don’t usually contemplate exactly which books were written in any given year or wrestle with lists of favorites. But Black Dog Blues is a no brainer for my top 2 or 3…IMO the Jordans (JCP & Hawk) might be your only competition for this years favorites. Good luck to you both!!

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