Bent-Con Recap Part One

P1040877So this past weekend, Burbank hosted Bent-Con, a GLBT / gender spectrum media convention. Quite a few types of media were there from television to comics to book publishers.

Lots of panels, a dealers’ room and art gallery as well as just a gathering of like minded people. Dreamspinner Press optioned up a table and since I am fairly local, I thought I’d go support and well to be supported.

Now mind you, I just came off of GRL and a pretty nasty respiratory thing but damn it! I was gonna go.

Because dudes, my peeps!

This probably will be a two parter. First, about BC and everything we did and then secondly, the people I met and want to share with you all about what they’re doing and how they are changing the world.

The GORGEOUS Tiff. Who nommed the HELL out of that chigae.

I went up a day early because I have minions up that way. Tiff and Ren to be exact. Spent the day with Tiff whom I love and adore. We had Korean food, took pictures and had coffee. I then headed to Santa Monica to sleep over at Ren’s and well, eat a shit ton of pizza. I had to roll to my car the next morning.

Burbank isn’t far from Santa Monica as far as the crow flies but oh, Los Angeles traffic is its own beast. Still, I got up there in time to grab Lou Sylvre from the local airport and into Bent Con we went. First off, the Burbank Airport Marriott rocks. Seriously. Rocking.

There’s a lot of things one can expect when you get a bunch of authors together. First, we find a place to squat. It’s what we do. Secondly, we apparently can’t go for long without coffee or alcohol. Or tea. And talking. Because God we talk.

Nessa Warin, Lou Sylvre and Elizabeth North

The Marriott had a long conference table in the bar/lobby. It was ours! We dubbed it Dreamspinner West. All we needed was a flag and a tax plan and we could have declared it our country.

I finished editing Dirty Deeds on that table. Heh. I don’t know what anyone else got done but dudes, I’m good with it.

Our collective included Shira Anthony, Grace Duncan (Grah-Say Dune-Kahn… never challenge Nessa to mess with your name), Lou Sylvre, Sara York, LE Franks, Damon Suede, EM Lynley, Connie Bailey, Nessa Warin…

and there to provide us with inspiration to get our shit together… the rest of the crew from Dreamspinner, the notable Elizabeth North, Anne Regan and Lyric the Fantastic.

Damon Suede and EM Lynley. Elizabeth hugging someone in the background? We're all very huggy.
Damon Suede and EM Lynley. Elizabeth hugging someone in the background? We’re all very huggy.

I’m probably forgetting someone and will horribly mortified. Seriously. I am just lacking sleep.

The highlights of the weekend were mostly on the floor things and well, apparently it’s dangerous to speak with me because Sara York choked on a mouthful of water.

I said ONE word.

Like a power word kill. Really. No that’s the word. Really.

On the other hand, the act of spewing out a bunch of water onto people is now called Yorking. Or to have yorked. If you are the one being showered, you are the yorkee.

Did I mention the lack of sleep?

Alex Woolfson. Fantastic Guy.

God So Many People! Alex Woolfson, the creator of Artifice and the Young Protectors was there. Fabulous person. God, salt of the earth. I love him dearly.

 As were Brad Bell, Jane Espenson and Sean Hemeon of Husbands (LOVE THIS SHOW). Brad is as sexy and snarky and gorgeous in person as he is on screen and Jane’s a riot of graciousness.

Wendy Pini from Elfquest also made the rounds as a whole host of others…. INCLUDING Jan Suzukawa, Lou Harper, James Buchanan and ZA Maxfield — ZAM who lives very close to me actually and I need to find out exactly where so I can get served a restraining order in another county for stalking her.

Brad and Jane. They are adorable!

If you’re able to get to a smaller GLBT con in your area, please do so. They are so much fun and really just a good time. And you get to meet some fabulous people. Move a plastic plant about a bar and call it a salad and sit around to quote Black Adder and accidently kill off other people without even trying.

Good times. I highly recommend it.

I’ve got a few pix and cards from people I’d like to share with all of you.

People who are doing good things for their community, a few artists and someone beginning a journey to share her voice. There was also a kick ass older woman who stopped and shared with us a bit of her life and her love of Italian men. I heartily approve.

The hotel was dog friendly… and I was befriended by a white pit named Snowy who was simply a belly rub whore. Such a sweet dog.

But damn, I’ve got to be getting more sleep at cons.

Connie Bailey
James Buchanan
ZA Maxfield
Connie Bailey and Anne Regan. The weather was great for the con.
My attempted murder victim, Sara York and her co-author LE Franks
Grace Duncan
Shira Anthony
Lou Harper
Jane, Sean and Brad

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  1. Great recap! Thanks. The pics are great reminders of the good (and occasionally foolish) times we had, and all the good people I met (including you, Rhys). Excellent!


  2. Beth B.

    So cool; thanks for sharing! I always enjoy seeing the faces behind the names of books, etc. that i have LOVED so much. Go get some sleep hun, so you can give us the rest of the details! 🙂

    1. No sleep for the wicked. I have to get Tequila Mockingbird plotted out and off into the ether. And um… start the promo for Fish and Ghosts! *grins* WOOOOOT

  3. Treasure

    I’m SO jealous you got to meet and speak with Jane Espenson. I adore her and her work!

  4. Beth B.

    Yes ok you’re right- you’ve got work to do girl – no sleep for you!! Get plotting get writing get promo’ing!!! 🙂 <3

  5. Nice recap! 🙂 Rhys, it was fun seeing you again and getting the chance to chat with you for a bit. Hope you enjoyed your drive home in that boss car of yours. 😉

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