Quack or Treat.

Every year we try to give out either full candy bars or something interesting. Let’s face it. It’s not Halloween unless the kids are sugared up and making noise when they leave our house.

The neighbourhood parents HATE us. The kids however have a different opinion.

There are kids out there who have allergies–who are diabetic–who can’t really do the whole sugar thing–so we try to make sure they have as great a Halloween as any other kid.

This year, it’s gonna be rubber duckies. All kinds of rubber duckies. And they’ll get to choose. I might even give away two per kid. We’ll get a wave of teens later in the evening. Usually around 10 or so. I give them stuff too. I’ve seen them grow up. They come to our house because they know they’re welcome.

So… if you’re in our neighbourhood and your kid gets a squeaking rubber duck… or a pirate duck… or a dino duck, you’ll know I live around the area.

And yeah, you can totally ask for a duck for your sibling who is too young to do the rounds or the one who is just a bit too old and too cool but would want a duck anyway.

‘Cause you know… it’s the season.

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