GRL 2013: Con and Cold

Seriously,  I don’t know if I have the brain to do a long post. I caught the dreaded GRL cold that we seem to be passing around but damn it, I wanna share the fun we all had.

I met so many lovely people…. And hugged millions more. Really. We are all huggers in our genre.

Speaking of genre, someone asked me what I thought about the M/M genre and it was a pretty easy answer. For me, our genre…. THIS genre is about including everyone. No one should be turned away. We are all neurotic, awkward, awesome messes. We each have our quirks… some more than others. Myself included but more importantly, we each have one another.

Walking into GRL is like a HUGE family reunion with only the best of relatives.

We even have our own gang sign. Glance down at the badge, see name, have surprised/happy look on face then hug. It’s a fluid gesture. We all do it. It’s our thing.

V__87B3It was nice seeing old friends…. Amy Lane and Mary Calmes rocked my world. Mary, I have no forgotten about the kim chee recipe. I will write it all up and post it.

There were Guinea Pigs out in force and oh god you all made me feel so welcome. Jessie Potts, I’ve got your back.

There were hot men and costumes.

We broke Facebook.

The San Diego Crewe (Andrea, Steve, Glenn and Felix) and others threw me a surprise birthday thingie. Complete with cock cakes. The cakes were good. Diane Thies whose name I probably just botched took up the duty of cooling the rest of the cakes for us.


And TJ Klune proposed to Eric Arvin. He said yes. Those two are simply adorable.


I roomed with Lisa Horan of the Novel Approach and Bee Snow, a fantastic author. We kidnapped Piper Vaughn for a day. And we also dragged Michael Chulsky, Nicholas Apicelli, Rebecca Johnson and Juli-Anna Dobson around with us. I cannot express how much of the awesome Guinea Pigs are. Seriously. AWESOME SAUCE.


Jordan L Hawks rocks the pirate hat. Just saying.


The adorable Rebecca and Juli-Anna


Michael and Nicholas with the FABULOUS JP Barnaby.

And Jordan Castillo Price is lovely and adorable and we finally were able to find one another after stalking for days.


I missed some people. Hell I apparently even had dinner with Jet Mykles and didn’t know it. I would have so spooged on her.  Saw Mercy Celeste and Barb Gilmour whom I discovered knows where Newtownards is. I can’t even gather up the names. Really… just… dude, everyone. Rick Reed! Jacob Flores! Bruce Tharp!

I’m just going to copy and paste my FB list. Really.

Thank you everyone who came up to me and let me be a part of your world. Really, No Words. I can’t express how grateful I am for you to say hi and hugs. Love you all.

But oh, this cold. This damned cold. Heh. I will beat it into submission!


More pix below. Really. We broke Facebook. Hard Core. 😀 Twitterdabe1cd_jpg

The gorgeous Amy Lane.


Poppy Dennison and Edmond Manning.


Telling the tale of the dreaded Alpaca Rollercoaster


Some of the… um… nightlife.


These boys were fantastic. You can’t see their other arms but there’s some KICK ASS inking. Their sleeves are incredible. Had a long conversation about where they both got their ink.


Felix Duarte buying Raffle tickets.


Leigh got these at the Cockwalk. I think they’re bookends.


Michael, Lisa and I at dinner. With a bottle of champagne the hotel staff gave me for my birthday. Pookie, you rocked the cork. Much love.

27 thoughts on “GRL 2013: Con and Cold

  1. It was fantastic meeting you! <3 <3 <3

    You're so much more organized, even with a cold. I keep thinking I'll do a blog post, but get distracted. I'll blame it on edits.

  2. Love this post! It’s exactly how it felt, like one bog awesome family reunion with nothing but the good bits! It was awesome to meet you, though next year we’re spending more time together! Hope you get better from your cold. *hugs* <3

    1. We DEFINITELY need to spend more time together. God. I was all… where am I? where am I going? Someone point me in the right direction. *grins* And you are SO adorable. 😀

  3. Nancy

    Looks like a great time was had by all. Sorry you’re sick now. Many celebrities take preventative measures: hand sanitizer. Feel better soon.

  4. Carolyn

    Thanks for sharing the fun with us, Rhys, and I’m sorry too many someones shared the con crud with you. I hope you’re right as rain, fit as a fiddle, healthy as a horse, and any other pertinent cliches very, very soon!

  5. Patricia

    Thanks Rhys for the hilarious story and pictures, really got me smiling. Sorry about the head cold. Ah, but the memories…

  6. I am also fighting the dreaded GRL cold now! I broke down and finally took Advil Cold & Sinus today and I have to say, it did make a difference. Hoping for some good sleep tonight. It was a WONDERFUL time and I hope everyone can make it to Chicago next year. I promise we will be good hosts and hostesses 😀

  7. Claire

    I haven’t had sooo much fun in years. I too got the dreaded GRL cold. And isn’t going up in a plane with a head cold the worst thing? I still feel like I’m under water. It was so nice to meet you Rhys. Looking forward to Chicago.

    1. i am so looking forward to seeing you there!!! it was so uch fun! and god this cold kills me. i am eating spicy food to help declog my nose and chest

  8. Denni

    Hope you (all) are feeling better 🙁 Echinacea is my treatment of choice. Alpaca Rollercoaster appears anything but ‘dreadful’ lol. Amy Lane, JCP, Jordan Hawk…some of my favorites!!! Was James Buchanan in attendance? Waiting to hear of new releases and my Anti-virus won’t let me on her website (just a warning page).

    1. I missed out on so many people. So sad. Damned antivirus. I haven’t head anything and I usually try to spot James’ releases 😀

      So far it’s been black tea and meds. Heh. And hot peppers!

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