Tam Kitteh


For all of you who have been following Tam Kitteh’s progress, he’s doing very well. Diabetes is something he’s come around to saying what the hell, okay. He’s gained weight, comes for his shots and testing. And most of all, has taken up begging. This is the view from one of the living room chairs. He will now come and tell you it’s time for him to be tested.

Probably because he always gets breakfast or dinner after his testing.

My cat. He is a furry stomach.


10 thoughts on “Tam Kitteh

  1. B. Snow

    Can’t tell if he’s sweet or psycho. Our black kitty was mostly sweet with a few dashes of psycho now and again.

    1. He is very sweet. Of the three cats we have, he’s the most sane… the most calm. Which is saying a lot because when he was under a year old, he would run across the living room and slam into the glass door.

      At three in the morning.

  2. We have been lucky that none of our furry friends havent needed any type of medications. When I still worked retail pharmacy we had plenty of people come in with rxs for insulin for the cats and dogs. Im glad Tam Kitteh is doing so well. *snugs*

  3. BettyeK

    I feel his pain on testing… I too have problems with the Diabetes… – ok, ok, I only feel like I have those 9 little lives hanging on… I can relate. Go on with your bad self Tam Kitteh. Keep on with the keepin’ on. 🙂

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