Funny How Things Work Out

Today is my birthday. I’ve got about an hour and change left of it and damn it’s been a long day. Well a long weekend.

I’ve had good food, friendship and new ink. My mother called to talk to me about her garden and apparently her mango tree which shouldn’t bear fruit for a few years coughed up a really nice harvest and today, ripened a perfect sweet mango. A Rapoza mango. It’s very popular in Hawai’i. One of my favourite mangoes.


She told me she and Dad 2.0 would share it between them, like a birthday cake. I was all…. awwwwwww.

This is the 1000th post of my blog. So funny how things work out. Heh. A good number. A lucky number.

So… a good omen. And well, a chance to say thank you to everyone who’ve let me into their lives with my books. And well, stayed with me through the craziness of writing them.

Thank you.

And we’re having a cranberry walnut tart for dessert. Life is good.

And now a picture of my FIRST cake day… with the two men who shaped who I am during a time when I really needed shaping. My grandfathers. Miss you both. So much love. And kisses.


31 thoughts on “Funny How Things Work Out

  1. Carissa

    You were a cute kid πŸ˜€ Happy Birthday….and sticking around hasn’t exactly been a hardship. And not just because you have a tendency to brighten up my days with lovely little pics. Thanks for giving us something worth reading….and then reading again.

  2. ivarisha

    Happy Birthday! Be hapy and healthy and let ur dreams comes true! Love u, send u billions of kisses!

  3. Kim Upright

    Happy birthday to my favorite author. Thank you for conjuring such intricate worlds for me to escape to over and over again. They preserve my wellbeing in ways that make merely expressing thanks not enough. …..but thanks anyway! Best wishes to you from a fellow october baby! We are all cool people!

  4. Happy birthday, unni! πŸ˜€

    Incidentally, my “real” sister’s birthday is today. Funny how those things work out.

  5. Patricia

    Happy Birthday, Rhys. We are blessed to have YOU as a writer whose work we enjoy.Good friend had a birthday party tonight – small, cozy group of gals and lots of laughter..,and memories of our parents, grandparents too.

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